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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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International Markets

In our international markets, we continue to convert our auditoriums to digital projection technology. The digital projection systems we deploy are generally funded with operating cash flows generated by each international country. We also have virtual print fee agreements with certain major studios under which the studios pay us for certain prints shown on the digital projection equipment. As of December 31, 2013, we had 950 digital auditoriums in our international markets, 644 of which are capable of exhibiting 3-D content. Similar to our domestic markets, we expect to be digital 100% in our international markets in early 2014.

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition

We participate in a joint venture with Regal, AMC, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Universal Pictures named Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition, or DCDC, which began delivering digital content to theatres via satellite during October 2013. Delivery of content via satellite may reduce film transportation costs for both distributors and exhibitors, as a portion of the costs to produce and ship hard drives will be eliminated. The satellite delivery system established by DCDC is available to all exhibitors and content providers and allows live and store-and-forward content to be delivered to our theatres. The industry is also exploring the expansion of this satellite delivery technology to Latin American markets.


Due to the transformation of technology within our industry, we have the opportunity to continue to expand the content provided to our patrons. During December 2013, we formed a joint venture with Regal and AMC named AC JV, LLC, who then purchased the Fathom event business from NCM. The Fathom event business generally focuses on the marketing and distribution of live and pre-recorded entertainment programming to movie theatres to augment theatres’ feature film schedules. With the formation of AC JV, LLC, we, along with Regal and AMC, can ensure proper resources are focused on the continued development and enhancement of alternative content.


In the U.S., we rely on Internet advertising and also newspaper directory film schedules for marketing our products. Radio and television advertising spots are used to promote certain motion pictures and special events. We exhibit previews of coming attractions and films we are currently playing as part of our pre-feature program. We offer patrons access to movie times, the ability to buy and print their tickets in advance and purchase gift cards at our website, and via our smart phone and tablet applications. Customers subscribing to our weekly emails receive targeted information about current and upcoming films at their preferred Cinemark theatre(s), including details about advanced ticket sales, special events, concerts and live broadcasts; as well as contests, promotions, and coupons for concession savings. We partner with film distributors to use monthly web contests to drive traffic to our website and to ensure that customers visit often. In addition, we work with all of the film distributors on a regular basis to promote their films with local, regional and national programs that are exclusive to our theatres. These programs may involve customer contests, cross-promotions with the media and third parties and other means to increase patronage for a particular film showing at our theatres.

We created a smartphone and tablet application called CineMode that allows patrons the opportunity to earn rewards while being courteous during the show. Our innovative technology was designed to address texting and other cell phone distractions, which is the number one complaint of movie-goers. While in CineMode, the smart phone screen is automatically dimmed and patrons are prompted to silence their volume. If CineMode is enabled for the duration of the movie, patrons are rewarded with exclusive digital rewards and offers that can be used at their next visit to Cinemark. CineMode facilitates contact with our patrons and this initiative provides an opportunity for us to further improve our relationships with the studios and our vendors via couponing and promotions, such as discounted digital downloads. To date, more than three and a half million patrons have already downloaded CineMode.