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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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Pre-Feature Screen Advertising

In our domestic markets, our theatres are part of the in-theatre digital network operated by National CineMedia, LLC, or NCM. NCM provides advertising to our theatres through its branded “First Look” pre-feature entertainment program and also handles lobby promotions and displays. We believe that the reach, scope and digital delivery capability of NCM’s network provides an effective platform for national, regional and local advertisers to reach an engaged audience. We receive a monthly theatre access fee for participation in the NCM network. In addition, we are entitled to receive mandatory quarterly distributions of excess cash from NCM. As of December 31, 2013, we had an approximate 19% ownership interest in NCM. See Note 6 to the consolidated financial statements.

During 2011, our wholly-owned subsidiary Flix Media Publicidade E Entretenimento, Ltda., or Flix Media, began handling all of our screen advertising functions in Brazil. Our Flix Media marketing personnel work directly with local advertisers to coordinate screen advertising in our theatres. We have expanded the Flix Media advertising services to another exhibitor in Brazil through a revenue share agreement. In Argentina, we also have in-house personnel that work with local advertisers to arrange screen advertising in our theatres. We are currently integrating our Argentina advertising team with our Flix Media division.

In our other international markets, we outsource our screen advertising to local companies who have established relationships with local advertisers that provide similar benefits as NCM. The terms of our international screen advertising contracts vary by country. In some of these locations, we earn a percentage of the screen advertising revenues collected by our partners and in other locations we are paid a fixed annual fee for access to our screens, while at our other locations, our in-house marketing personnel handle screen advertising. We will continue to expand Flix Media into our other international locations. In addition to screen advertising in our theatres, we intend to expand Flix Media’s services to include, among other things, alternative content, online ticketing, and loyalty initiatives.

Technology Innovations

The motion picture exhibition has undertaken significant technology initiatives over the past few years that have transformed the industry, as discussed below.

Participation in Digital Cinema Implementation Partners

During 2007, us, AMC Entertainment Inc., or AMC, and Regal Entertainment Group, or Regal, entered into a joint venture known as Digital Cinema Implementation Partners LLC, or DCIP, to facilitate the implementation of digital cinema in our U.S. theatres and to establish agreements with major motion picture studios for the financing of digital cinema. Digital cinema developments are managed by DCIP, subject to certain approvals by us, AMC and Regal with each of us having an equal voting interest in DCIP. DCIP’s wholly-owned subsidiary Kasima executed long-term deployment agreements with all of the major motion picture studios, under which Kasima receives a virtual print fee from such studios for each digital presentation. In accordance with these agreements, the digital projection systems deployed by Kasima comply with the technology and security specifications developed by the Digital Cinema Initiatives studio consortium. Kasima leases digital projection systems to us, AMC and Regal under master lease agreements that have an initial term of 12 years.

On March 10, 2010, we signed a master lease agreement and other related agreements (collectively the “agreements”) with Kasima. As of December 31, 2013, we had a 33% voting interest in DCIP and a 24.3% economic interest in DCIP. (See Note 7 to the consolidated financial statements.) As of December 31, 2013, 96% of our 4,457 U.S. auditoriums were digital, 3,619 of which are leased from Kasima and 2,329 of which are equipped for exhibiting 3-D content.