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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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International Theatres





     62         497   


     24         129   


     19         168   

Central America (1)

     14         98   


     13         102   


     10         76   


     6         36   








     148         1,106   









Includes Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.

We first entered Latin America when we began operating movie theatres in Chile in 1993. Since then, through our focused international strategy, we have developed into the most geographically diverse theatre circuit in the region. We have balanced our risk through a diversified international portfolio, currently operating theatres in thirteen of the fifteen largest metropolitan areas in South America. We have established significant presence in Brazil and Argentina, where we are the largest exhibitor, with 497 and 168 screens, respectively, as of December 31, 2013.

We believe that certain markets within Latin America continue to be underserved as penetration of movie screens per capita in these markets is substantially lower than in the U.S. and European markets. We intend to build and expand our presence in international markets, with emphasis on Latin America, and fund our expansion primarily with cash flow generated in those markets. We are able to mitigate cash flow exposure to currency fluctuations in the markets in which we operate by transacting in their respective local currencies. Our geographic diversity throughout Latin America has allowed us to maintain consistent revenue growth, notwithstanding currency and economic fluctuations that may affect any particular market. Our international revenues were approximately $783.1 million during 2013 compared to $777.7 million during 2012.

Film Licensing

In the domestic marketplace, our corporate film department negotiates with film distributors, which are made up of the traditional major film companies, specialized and art divisions of some of these major film companies, and many other independent film distributors. The film distributors are responsible for determining film release dates and film marketing campaigns and the related expenditures. We are responsible for booking the films in negotiated film licensing zones, which are either free film licensing zones or competitive film licensing zones. In free film licensing zones, movies can be booked without regard to the film bookings of other exhibitors within that area. In competitive film licensing zones, the distributor allocates its movies generally based on demographics, the conditions, capacity and grossing potential of each theatre, and the terms of exhibition. Of the 292 film licensing zones in which our first run U.S. theatres operate, approximately 92% operate in free film licensing zones. In free film licensing zones, we select those films that we believe will be the most successful from those offered by film distributors.

Internationally, our local film personnel negotiate with local offices of major film distributors as well as local film distributors to license films for our international theatres. In the international marketplace, films are not allocated to a single theatre in a geographic film zone, but played by competitive theatres simultaneously. Our theatre personnel focus on providing excellent customer service, and we provide a high-quality facility with the most up-to-date sound systems, comfortable seating and other amenities preferred by our patrons, which we believe gives us a competitive advantage in markets where competing theatres play the same films. Of the 1,106 screens we operate in international markets, approximately 87% have no direct competition from other theatres.