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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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  (b) Cinemark Opt-Out Revenue = For each advertising campaign that is not displayed in all Theatres pursuant to Cinemark’s decision under Section 4.03(viii) or (ix) of this Agreement or lack of equipment to display the Video Display Program, the aggregate of the products obtained by the following calculation:

4.03 Revenue for that advertising campaign * (Cinemark 4.03 Opt-Out Attendance / 4.03 Participating Attendance)


  (i) Cinemark 4.03 Opt-Out Attendance = Cinemark Attendance during the applicable fiscal month at Theatres that did not display content pursuant to Section 4.03(viii) or (ix) of this Agreement or because of lack of equipment to display the Video Display Program


  (ii) 4.03 Participating Attendance = Sum of Regal Attendance, Cinemark Attendance and AMC Attendance at Theatres, Regal Theatres and AMC Theatres that displayed such content


  (c) Theatre Access Pool Percentage = Aggregate Theatre Access Pool / (Aggregate Advertising Revenue – Aggregate 4.03 Opt-In Revenue)


  (i) Aggregate Theatre Access Pool = Sum of Regal Theatre Access Pool + Cinemark Theatre Access Pool + AMC Theatre Access Pool


  (ii) Aggregate Advertising Revenue = LLC’s revenue related to Advertising Services, except Event Sponsorships, revenue related to relationships with third parties that are not Founding Members and Advertising Services provided to Founding Members outside the provisions of this Agreement


  (iii) Aggregate 4.03 Opt-In Revenue = The aggregate of all 4.03 Revenue for each advertising campaign that any Founding Member opted not to display pursuant to Section 4.03(i), (iii), (iv), (v) or (vi).

Supplemental Theatre Access Fee = If Aggregate Theatre Access Fee < (12% * Aggregate Advertising Revenue): ((12% * Aggregate Advertising Revenue) – Aggregate Theatre Access Fee)) * Cinemark Attendance Ratio; where:


  (1) Aggregate Theatre Access Fee = Sum of Theatre Access Fee plus the comparable theatre access fee payments made to Cinemark and AMC for the same period


  (2) Cinemark Attendance Ratio = See Section B of this Schedule