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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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  2. Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorship” means the sale of advertising or sponsorships with respect to any Digital Programming Event exhibited or shown in Theatres.

Event Simulcast Advertising Services” means the sale of advertising with respect to any Digital Programming Event Simulcast. For clarification, to the extent that the content provider allows any third-party advertising to be included in a Digital Programming Event Simulcast, other than that provided by or on behalf of the content provider, LLC shall have the exclusive right, subject to the rights granted by LLC to the Alternative Content JV in the Alternative Content JV Services Agreement, to provide such advertising content.


  3. Digital Content Service, Digital Carousel and Traditional Content Program

The Digital Content Service (which includes the Pre-Feature Program, Policy Trailer, and the Video Display Program), the Digital Carousel and the Traditional Content Program, and all other on-screen content which is exhibited in Theatre auditoriums prior to the feature film presentation or a Digital Programming Event, but specifically excluding Trailers and Event Trailers. Additionally, if agreed upon by LLC and Alternative Content JV, the Digital Content Service may include the Digital Programming Event Pre-Feature Program.


  4. 3D Advertising Services

3d Advertising Services” means any of the Digital Carousel, the Pre-Feature Program, the Policy Trailer portions of the Advertising Services that are viewed by theatre patrons in 3D by using the Digital Cinema Equipment and 3D Glasses.