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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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(3) lobby or in-theatre promotions and advertising for vendors of services provided to the Theatres, provided such promotion is incidental to the vendor’s service, including by way of illustration and not limitation, (A) logos of and Fandango related to promotions for online ticketing services, (B) credit card company logos displayed at the box office, automated box office, Concession stands, cafes, arcades, and lobby kiosks, (C) bank logos displayed at ATM’s, (D) phone company logos displayed at public telephones, and (E) logos of vendors who provide restroom soaps, toilet paper and lotions;

(4) logos on digital menu boards at the Concession stand or digital displays at the box office of manufacturers of such products;

(5) advertising and/or signage pursuant to the IMAX agreement (if applicable); and

(6) any trademark, service mark, logo or other branding of Cinemark (or its theatre-operating Affiliates), film studio(s), distributors and production companies and of Alternative Content JV, distributors and production companies for a Digital Programming Event;

provided, however, that Cinemark shall not be permitted to exhibit or display any promotion described in this Section 1.(ii), if such promotion features any trademark, service mark, logo or other branding of a party other than the film studio(s), distributors, production companies, Concession providers, or other service vendors or providers responsible for the production or promotion, as applicable, or of Cinemark (or its theatre-operating Affiliates), unless such promotion (x) relates to a Strategic Program that complies with Section 4.07(b) or (y) in connection with an Digital Programming Event contains only a Sponsor Message.

Popcorn bags, popcorn tubs, cups and kids’ trays will be provided according to Cinemark’s template and packaging requirements, subject to Cinemark’s providing reasonable notice of changes to any such requirements. LLC may obtain advertising for all of the surface area of all such items that is not required (i) under the Beverage Agreement, (ii) as necessary to fulfill contractual obligations of Cinemark with respect to Concessions, and (iii) incidental branding needs of Cinemark, subject to the terms contained in the Beverage Agreement. Cinemark shall not amend or modify any contract to the extent such amendment or modification would be inconsistent with the exclusive rights of LLC hereunder or have the effect of any extension of third party restrictions on surface area advertising on such popcorn bags, popcorn tubs, cups and kids’ trays, except as permitted under Section 4.06(a) with respect to the Beverage Agreement or as permitted under Section 4.07(a).