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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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(b) Sponsor Message. If LLC or Alternative Content JV sell an Event Sponsorship for a Digital Programming Event, no third-party advertising, trademark, service mark, logo or other advertising or branding, including any third-party mentions for products and services, may be displayed, except a Sponsor Message may be included in the Digital Programming Events Pre-Feature Program, an Event Trailer, Branded Slot, Lobby Promotion or as part of a Strategic Program, subject to the limits of Section 4.07(b). Any Sponsor Message shall be limited to (a) up to 5 seconds per Sponsor and (b) not more than 10 seconds if there is more than one Sponsor setting forth a “sponsored by” or “presented by” mention. The Sponsor Message may include Sponsor’s logo and audio announcement or mention of the Sponsor’s name, subject to the limits in the previous sentence, and may not include any references of any kind to any of the Sponsor’s products or services. Under no circumstances will any Sponsor have the right to “pass-through” any of the marketing rights in the Event Sponsorship or Strategic Program.



Section 5.01 Software Support. LLC reserves the right to request of Cinemark and agrees to consult with Cinemark during the Term on any proposed material changes or updates to the Software. LLC shall make available to Cinemark pursuant to the terms of the license in Section 7.01 below all such updates or modifications to the Software. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by LLC, Cinemark shall not permit any third party to perform or provide any maintenance or support services with respect to the LLC Equipment or the Software.

Section 5.02 Cooperation. Cinemark agrees to take all actions during the Term that are within its control and reasonably necessary to permit the delivery, exhibition and viewing of the Advertising Services in the Theatres on the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Section 5.03 Make Goods. In the event that any Inventory scheduled for exhibition pursuant to Sections 4.06(a), 4.06(b) or 4.07 is not exhibited as scheduled, LLC shall take such action or provide such remedy as is required pursuant to the applicable Cinemark advertising agreement, including the exhibition of “make good” Inventory sufficient to achieve the level of Inventory content impressions necessary to satisfy any contractual obligations governing the exhibition of such Inventory. Cinemark acknowledges and agrees that such contractual obligations must have been timely disclosed to LLC in writing as a condition to the exercise of the foregoing exclusive right and remedy; such obligations as of the Original Effective Date have been provided by Cinemark to LLC in a separate letter. To the extent such third-party agreement prescribed a “make good” remedy, Cinemark agrees to make its Theatres (including screens and Lobby Screens, as applicable) available for the exhibition of such “make goods,” and LLC agrees to exhibit such “make goods” consistent with any contractual obligations of Cinemark concerning the exhibition of such “make goods.” LLC reserves the right to use excess or unsold Inventory as “make goods,” remnant advertising, other revenue generating advertising, public service announcements, and the like. Notwithstanding the foregoing, LLC shall only be required to make any payment of moneys (including a refund of amounts paid by the applicable advertiser) in the event that the reason that the applicable Inventory was not exhibited or was exhibited in an incorrect position was primarily a result of actions or inactions by LLC (or its designees or assigns) and the applicable advertising agreement does not allow, or LLC otherwise does not provide, a remedy of exhibition of “make good” Inventory.