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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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(ix) Cinemark’s budgeted attendance by theatre (and by month if Cinemark budgets on a monthly basis) for the next full fiscal year once approved by Cinemark’s board, and; and

(x) such other information regarding the Advertising Services as LLC may reasonably request from time to time, as Cinemark agrees to provide in its sole discretion;

(b) LLC. LLC agrees that it shall at all times during the Term provide Cinemark, at LLC’s own cost except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, with the following:

(i) on a weekly basis, a report of compliance by each Digitized Theatre with on-screen advertising requirements and reasons for any noncompliance, including a report of compliance relating to the Beverage Agreement (the “Beverage Compliance Report”);

(ii) on a weekly basis, a representative Play List of national advertising, which LLC shall make available no later than two business days prior to the day on which the Play List be implemented;

(iii) on a monthly basis, a report regarding local advertising.

(c) Confidentiality. For the avoidance of doubt, information made available subject to this Section 4.10 shall be subject to the provisions of Section 14.01 (Confidential Treatment); provided however, that LLC agrees that Cinemark shall be permitted to provide the Beverage Compliance Report to its beverage concessionaire. Cinemark agrees to be included in any compliance reporting LLC provides to its advertisers and other content providers for proof of performance.

Section 4.11 Trailers.

(a) Trailers. Trailers that are exhibited in the Theatres shall not include the exhibition or display of any trademark, service mark, logo or other branding of a party other than the film studio(s), distributor(s), or production company(ies); provided, however, Trailers may include incidental images of products or services which appear in the motion picture or other programming or event (e.g., product placements).

(b) Event Trailers. Any Event Trailer shall be limited to a promotion for an applicable Digital Programming Event and shall not include the exhibition or display of any trademark, service mark, logo or other advertising or branding other than the Alternative Content JV or the distributor(s) or production company(ies) of the Digital Programming Event. Additionally, Event Trailers may include (i) incidental images of products or services which appear in the Digital Programming Event (e.g., product placements), and (ii) Sponsor Message(s) in connection with Event Sponsorship(s). The exhibition of any Event Trailer by Cinemark at the direction of Alternative Content JV shall be expressly permitted by LLC hereunder notwithstanding the provisions of Section 2.04 hereof; provided however, that LLC shall have no liability of any kind under this Agreement for any content in an Event Trailer provided by Alternative Content JV or Cinemark.