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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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Section 4.10 Cooperation and Assistance. The Parties agree that the effectiveness and quality of the Advertising Services as provided by LLC are dependent on the cooperation and operational support of both Parties.

(a) Cinemark. Cinemark agrees that it (and each of the Theatres) shall at all times during the Term provide LLC, at Cinemark’s own cost except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, with the following:

(i) internal resources and permissions as reasonably required to effectuate delivery of the Advertising Services, including without limitation projection and sound technicians and other employees to assist with LLC Equipment installation and Digital Content Service transmission;

(ii) unless unavailable, 24 (hour) by 7 (day) “real time” access via Cinemark’s network assets in conformity with Cinemark’s network use and security policies (provided in advance to LLC and consistently applied with respect to other Cinemark service providers) to the in-Theatre software and hardware components of the Digital Content Network, consistent with the Service Level Agreement (as set forth in the Specification Documentation), so that LLC can monitor the distribution and playback of the Advertising Services and the Parties will reasonably cooperate to ensure that corrections or changes are made as required to deliver the Advertising Services;

(iii) detailed playback information in a form, whether electronic or hard copy, and at such times as either Cinemark or LLC shall reasonably request;

(iv) prompt notification of reception, playback or other technical problems associated with receipt of the Advertising Services;

(v) the results of quality audits performed by Cinemark periodically during the Term upon LLC’s request and at its direction to confirm playback compliance;

(vi) adequate opportunities to train Cinemark personnel, as provided in Section 3.07;

(vii) attendance data film-by-film, rating-by-rating and Theatre-by-Theatre for all Theatres, in an electronic form and in a format agreed by the Parties, at such times as are consistent with Cinemark’s internal reporting systems but in any event at least weekly;

(viii) on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis as requested by LLC from time to time, a list of all Theatres, including (i) identification of which Theatres are Digitized Theatres, (ii) the number of total screens and digital screens at each Theatre and for all Theatres at which Advertising Services are provided, (iii) identification of any Theatres that are not equipped with at least one Lobby Screen to display the Video Display Program, (iv) attendance for screens on which Advertising Services are provided (by Theatre and in total), including separate identification of attendance for screens on which Advertising Services under the Beverage Agreement is provided (if different); (v) upon LLC’s request, identification of Theatres in which Advertising Services are not provided, and the attendance and number of screens at such theatres; (vi) estimated Theatre opening and closing dates; and (vii) such other information described in the Specification Documentation, as such may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement of the Parties;