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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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(iii) Strategic Lobby Promotions. With respect to Strategic Programs through Lobby Promotions (“Strategic Lobby Promotions”), Cinemark may utilize only such type and number of Inventory that is available to LLC in the applicable Theatre(s) on a pre-approved basis; provided, however, vehicle/motorcycle displays and floor mats will not be available for use in Strategic Lobby Promotions. Cinemark may purchase an additional amount of Inventory in excess of the Strategic Lobby Promotions described above or in excess of the Client Limitation at rate card rates and subject to availability, only with prior written consent of LLC, acting in its sole discretion.

Section 4.08 Cinemark Run-Out Obligations.

(a) Encumbered Theatres. Cinemark agrees to provide LLC written notice as much in advance as is reasonably practicable under the circumstances of, and to furnish LLC true and correct copies (reasonably redacted by Cinemark and subject to confidentiality) of all documentation evidencing, all valid, pre-existing contractual obligations (the “Run-Out Obligations”) relating to any of the advertising, promotional and event activities and services in any Acquisition Theatres (collectively, the “Encumbered Theatres”); provided such disclosure does not violate the terms of any such agreements.

(i) No Run-Out Obligations. Agreements with advertisers that purchase advertising are Legacy Agreements and do not create Run-Out Obligations. Cinemark shall, effective upon acquisition of the Acquisition Theatre, terminate any agreements between Cinemark and an Affiliate relating to advertising, promotional and event activities and services in any Acquisition Theatre, so that any such agreements do not create Run-Out Obligations.

(ii) Run-Out Obligations. Cinemark and/or its Affiliates (as applicable) shall be permitted to abide by the terms of the Run-Out Obligations; however, Cinemark agrees, subject to legal constraints (if any), to use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the termination of such Run-Out Obligations, including without limitation neither extending nor renewing such Run-Out Obligations (provided that Cinemark shall have no obligation to make any payment in connection with obtaining the termination of such Run-Out Obligations). Cinemark further agrees not to enter into any new agreement with any third party with respect to any Encumbered Theatre, or amend or modify any Run-Out Obligation, to the extent such agreement, amendment or modification would be inconsistent with the rights of LLC under Section 2.04 or have the effect of any extension. Prior to the expiration of the Run-Out Obligations, each Encumbered Theatre may, upon the mutual agreement of LLC and Cinemark, become a Theatre with respect to some or all of the Advertising Services, provided such election does not create a default under any Run-Out Obligation. In any event, except in accordance with Section 4.13 (Excluded Theatres; IMAX Screens) or as may be mutually agreed by the Parties in writing, each Encumbered Theatre shall automatically become a Theatre, for all purposes hereof, no later than the expiration of the Run-Out Obligations with respect to such Encumbered Theatre.