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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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before the last day of LLC’s fiscal month following LLC’s fiscal month in which the Advertising Services related to the Beverage Agreement were provided. Beginning after Cinemark’s Beverage Agreement in effect on the Restated Effective Date expires or otherwise terminates through the end of the Term, Cinemark shall have the right to have included in the Advertising Services advertising Inventory for its beverage concessionaires at the then current Beverage Agreement Advertising Rate; provided that Cinemark (i) keeps LLC apprised of the status of negotiations with the beverage vendor (including likelihood of reaching agreement, advertising length and placement required), from the time such negotiations begin until an agreement is signed, and (ii) provides LLC notice (including advertising length and placement required) within two (2) business days after the date that Cinemark and its beverage concessionaire agree on terms for a new Beverage Agreement. Cinemark shall be permitted to prescribe the length and placement within the Play List of on-screen Inventory based on the requirements of the Beverage Agreements which may then be in effect between Cinemark and such then-applicable beverage concessionaires; provided that such Inventory shall not exceed ninety (90) seconds in length for all such Beverage Agreements. Cinemark-redacted and/or Cinemark-selected (by disclosure or summary) contents of the Beverage Agreement shall only be disclosed as, and to the extent, required pursuant to this Agreement, provided such disclosure would not violate the terms of such Beverage Agreement.

(b) Cinemark Legacy Agreements.

(i) Listing. The Specification Documentation sets forth a list of the Cinemark Legacy Agreements, including the identity of each advertiser. On the Original Effective Date, Cinemark shall assign all rights and obligations arising from or out of each Cinemark Legacy Agreement to LLC.

(ii) Non-Assignable Legacy Agreements. This Agreement shall not constitute an assignment or transfer, or an attempted assignment or transfer, of any Cinemark Legacy Agreement, if and to the extent such agreement is a “Non-Assignable Legacy Agreement,” meaning that the assignment or transfer of such Cinemark Legacy Agreement would constitute a breach of the terms of such Cinemark Legacy Agreement. Cinemark and LLC shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain a waiver to assignment of any Non-Assignable Legacy Agreement and in the meantime Cinemark shall pay to LLC all proceeds from any Legacy Agreement. To the extent that any waiver referred to in this Section 4.06(b)(ii) is not obtained by Cinemark, Cinemark shall also use commercially reasonable efforts to, at the request of LLC, enforce for the account of LLC any right of Cinemark arising from any Non-Assignable Legacy Agreement. LLC shall perform the obligations of Cinemark under or in connection with any Non-Assignable Legacy Agreement, except to the extent that LLC is not provided the benefits thereof in any material respect pursuant to this Section 4.06(b)(ii).

Section 4.07 Other Cinemark Advertising Agreements.

(a) Theatre Advertising. In addition to advertising Inventory referenced above in Sections 4.05 and 4.06, Cinemark may purchase, on an arm’s length basis and subject to availability, as part of the Advertising Services, advertising Inventory for Theatre Advertising and to promote Digital Programming Events. Cinemark shall pay for Advertising Services pursuant to this Section 4.07(a) on or before the last day of LLC’s fiscal month following LLC’s fiscal month in which the Advertising Services were provided.