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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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(b) Policy Trailer. The policy trailer will be (i) up to 60 seconds, (ii) exhibited in the Theatres after Showtime, and (iii) used to feature content relating to Theatre policy and operations, and may include (w) a policy service announcement that promotes appropriate theatre behavior, (x) promotions of Cinemark Concessions, (y) the display of any trademark, service mark, logo or other branding of a film studio(s), distributor(s), or production company(ies) and (z) upon prior written approval of Cinemark, other promotional materials of third-party products for which LLC sells advertising and is paid a fee (the “Policy Trailer”).

(c) Branded Slot. Each Branded Slot may only exhibit Theatre Advertising and/or Sponsor Messages in connection with Event Sponsorships. LLC is required to include no less than forty-five (45) seconds of Branded Slots within the final fifteen (15) minutes of the Play List, fifteen (15) seconds of which shall be included within the final eleven (11) minutes of the Play List; provided, that LLC may begin these Branded Slots up to one minute earlier when LLC expands the amount of advertising units that follow these Branded Slots through the sale of additional advertising to third parties. LLC shall not exhibit any advertising relating to LLC after Cinemark’s Branded Slot placement referred to in this Section 4.05(c).

(d) Restrictions. Other than as permitted in Sections 4.05(a), (b), (c) or Section 4.07, none of the Brand, the Policy Trailer or the Branded Slots will include third-party advertising and/or third-party mentions for products and services, without LLC’s prior written approval; provided that a Branded Slot promoting a Digital Programming Event may include a Sponsor Message.

(e) Creative Services. The Brand messaging, Policy Trailer and Branded Slots may be created and edited by LLC as part of the Creative Services, in consultation with Cinemark, subject to final, mutual agreement of the Parties. LLC will provide Cinemark with up to 1,000 hours of Creative Services annually at no cost for Brand development, Policy Trailers and Branded Slots exhibiting Theatre Advertising. Time spent on Creative Services exceeding the initial 1,000 hours shall be determined as described in Exhibit B. Cinemark may use other vendors for creative services at Cinemark’s cost and subject to LLC’s production standards.

(f) Traditional Content Program. The Traditional Content Program in Non-Digitized Theatres will contain, at a minimum, promotions for Cinemark’s beverage and other Concessions.

Section 4.06 Beverage and Legacy Agreements.

(a) Beverage Agreements. LLC shall, through the expiration or other termination of Cinemark’s Beverage Agreement in effect on the Restated Effective Date, display or exhibit, as applicable, as part of the Advertising Services, advertising Inventory meeting any and all specifications and requirements prescribed by the Beverage Agreement, including format, length (not to be longer than ninety (90) seconds), and placement within the Play List, as set forth in the Specification Documentation, with compliance by LLC to be within a reasonable time after such specifications are communicated from time-to-time by Cinemark to LLC in a written notice. In consideration for the advertising pursuant to the Beverage Agreement, Cinemark agrees to pay LLC at the advertising rates set forth on Exhibit B (the “Beverage Agreement Advertising Rate”). The Beverage Agreement Advertising Rate shall be paid on or