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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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Section 4.04 Development of the Advertising Services. All operational costs associated with LLC’s procurement, preparation and delivery of the Advertising Services (including Inventory and other promotional materials as provided herein) to the Theatres shall be borne exclusively by LLC. Except as provided herein, all in-Theatre operational costs associated with Cinemark’s receipt and exhibition of the Advertising Services within the Theatres shall be borne exclusively by Cinemark; provided that, upon prior written notice to and consultation with LLC, LLC shall reimburse Cinemark for its reasonable incremental out-of-pocket third party costs incurred in connection with receipt and exhibition of the Advertising Services within the Theatres. Any excess on-screen Inventory which may be made available to Cinemark in LLC’s discretion pursuant to Section 5.03 or otherwise, and any other on-screen Inventory provided by Cinemark pursuant to Section 4.05, will be subject to both Parties’ review and approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld. LLC will provide at its own expense all creative and post-production services necessary to ingest, encode and otherwise prepare for distribution all other on-screen Inventory as part of the Digital Content Service. All on-screen Inventory provided by Cinemark for inclusion in the Digital Content Service must (i) be submitted to LLC for review for compliance with (ii) and (iii) below as LLC may reasonably request, but in any event at least twenty (20) business days before scheduled exhibition (unless otherwise previously approved by LLC), (ii) satisfy the content restrictions enumerated in Section 4.03(i) through (vii) hereof, and (iii) be fully produced in accordance with LLC’s technical specifications as promulgated by LLC from time to time (all as provided in written or electronic form to Cinemark in a reasonable time period prior to implementation, including any amendments thereto; and which are equally applied to all exhibitors), ready for exhibition, as well as in accordance with applicable LLC commercial standards and operating policies, and all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. LLC must reject or approve all Inventory provided by Cinemark within five (5) business days. Any such Inventory provided by Cinemark and not rejected within such time frame shall be deemed approved and incorporated into the Advertising Services. Any Inventory provided by Cinemark for review and approval by LLC need not, once approved by LLC, be resubmitted by Cinemark for approval in connection with any future use.

Section 4.05 Brand; Policy Trailer; Branded Slots.

(a) Branded Content. LLC agrees to create, in conjunction with and subject to Cinemark’s prior approval, a Cinemark brand identity (the “Brand”) that will surround, or “house,” the Digital Content Service and include interstitial messaging (“bridges and bumps”), throughout the Play List and in the Policy Trailer, to reinforce the Brand. The interstitial messaging shall include a Pre-Feature Program introduction and close containing content branded with the Cinemark Marks. The close shall also include content branded with the marks of Cinemark’s beverage concessionaire. The Brand and the Branded Slots shall not contain the display of any trademark, service mark, logo or other branding of a film, film studio(s), distributor(s), or production company(ies). In addition to the interstitial messaging, the Digital Content Service will feature (i) up to two (2) minutes for the promotion of Cinemark’s internal business and/or promotional materials for Digital Programming Events (the “Branded Slots”) in each Play List, (ii) the Policy Trailer, to be created by LLC at the direction of Cinemark as part of the Creative Services and (iii) any other content as may be agreed between Cinemark and LLC. The Parties hereby acknowledge that Cinemark has the right to exhibit the PSA Trailer after Showtime.