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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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obligated to provide at least one Lobby Screen per Digitized Theatre with ten or fewer screens, two Lobby Screens per Digitized Theatre with eleven to twenty screens and three Lobby Screens per Digitized Theatre with more than twenty screens; provided, however, that Cinemark shall have no obligation to increase the number of Lobby Screens in any Theatre that has at least one Lobby Screen that is capable of receiving the Video Display Program as of the Original Effective Date. When a Theatre has more than the minimum number of Lobby Screens required, Cinemark may, at its discretion, elect to display on such excess Lobby Screens (i) the Video Display Program or (ii) internal programming (including promotion of Cinemark’s internal business or promotion of Digital Programming Events) that does not include third-party advertising and/or third-party mentions for products and services (other than Theatre Advertising or Sponsor Messages in connection with Event Sponsorships); provided, however, Cinemark shall provide at least 30 days advance notice prior to an initial election of either (i) or (ii) in any such Theatre, and at least 60 days advance notice prior to any subsequent change in election.

Section 4.02 Lobby Promotions.

(a) Delivery. On the Original Effective Date, LLC will make available to the Theatres the Lobby Promotions, and Cinemark will accept such Lobby Promotions on the terms and conditions set forth herein.

(b) Guidelines; Inventory. Lobby Promotions shall satisfy the guidelines and specifications set forth herein and as may be provided by Cinemark to LLC pursuant to Section 4.02(c). The Inventory of Lobby Promotions for each Theatre that Cinemark covenants to display pursuant to this Agreement is set forth in Exhibit A-1. LLC may provide additional Lobby Promotions (“Additional Lobby Promotions”), subject to approval by Cinemark. LLC will take all other actions necessary and prudent to ensure the delivery of Lobby Promotions as required under the terms hereof. LLC will inform Cinemark of the length of time that Lobby Promotions and Additional Lobby Promotions are to be displayed.

(c) Standards and Specifications. LLC covenants and agrees that Lobby Promotions provided pursuant to this Agreement will conform to all standards and specifications of which Cinemark provides LLC reasonable notice during the Term, including without limitation standards and specifications with respect to manufacturers and suppliers, sizing (e.g., cup and popcorn tub sizing), timing of delivery of concession supplies to Theatres, reimbursement of incremental costs (e.g., cups, floor mats, plates) and the like. LLC further covenants that the Lobby Promotions will not diminish or tarnish the reputation of Cinemark or unreasonably disrupt Theatre operations, including, without limitation, traffic flow or noise level, each as determined in Cinemark’s reasonable discretion, and that Lobby Promotions will comply with the content standards set forth in Section 4.03. LLC specifically agrees (i) that Lobby Promotions will contain only material that has received, or had it been rated would have received, an MPAA “G” or “PG” rating, (ii) that the only type of sampling that will be permitted is exit sampling, (iii) to refrain from distributing chewing gum as part of any Lobby Promotion, other than attended sampling as patrons are exiting the Theatre, (iv) not to permit a Lobby Promotion that would distribute or sample any item that is the same as or substantially similar to any item sold at the Theatre’s concession stand and (v) not to permit a Lobby Promotion involving fund raising on Theatre property.