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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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(d) Condition. Subject to the foregoing, for purposes of ongoing maintenance, LLC shall keep and maintain Equipment installed in the Theatres in good condition and repair at its sole expense (with the exception of projector bulb replacement and equipment replacement, the cost of which shall be borne by Cinemark), and in a manner consistent with the Service Level Agreement set forth in the Specification Documentation and as may be reasonably amended by mutual agreement of LLC and Cinemark from time to time. The Parties agree to consult with each other on a regular basis during the Term in an attempt to reduce maintenance costs arising from redundancies in the Parties’ respective service fleets. Upon advance notice to Cinemark, Cinemark shall provide LLC and/or its subcontractors reasonable access to the Equipment and such other support services as LLC and/or its subcontractors reasonably require to provide maintenance and repair services as required hereunder.



Section 4.01 Content and Distribution of the Digital Content Service and Traditional Content Program.

(a) Distribution; Quality. On the Original Effective Date, LLC will commence distribution of the Digital Carousel, the Digital Content Service and the Traditional Content Program to the Digitized Theatres and Non-Digitized Theatres, all as set forth above in Article 2. With respect to Digitized Theatres, content shall be distributed through the Digital Content Network, via either LLC’s satellite network or by LLC’s or exhibitor’s landline network. Each of the Pre-Feature Program and the Video Display Program shall consist of Inventory comprising a single play list (“Play List”). The Play List will be refreshed during the Term when and as determined by LLC but not less frequently than 12 times per year (each a “Flight”). The Digital Carousel, the Digital Content Service (including the Pre-Feature Programming Schedule) and the Traditional Content Program will be substantially similar in nature, quality, and scope to the corresponding advertising, promotional and other content, as received by the Theatres immediately prior to the Original Effective Date, and will in addition be delivered pursuant to the Service Level Agreement included in the Specification Documentation, as applicable. In addition, LLC agrees that the quality of the Advertising Services delivered to each of the Founding Members will be consistent throughout the Term. If Cinemark elects to use the ACE Solution to deliver the Advertising Services which use Digital Cinema Equipment, LLC shall ensure that such Advertising Services are provided to Cinemark as specified in the SMPTE draft, as of March 10, 2010, named Proposed 430-8, D-Cinema Operations Show Playlist (which addresses provision of show playlist and showpack by a third party to a DCI compliant TMS) and, with respect to the Digital Carousel, the Pre-Feature Program, and the Policy Trailer, in the format of the film exhibited on the Cinemark Equipment which follows the Advertising Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties agree that from October 1, 2010 through the earlier of (i) the date that the ACE Solution has been installed with respect to 1,000 total Digital Screens (including Digital Screens operated by the other Founding Members of LLC and Network Affiliates), or (ii) December 31, 2011, LLC may deliver the Advertising Services to Theatres requiring the JPEG 2000 format via disc drives rather than via satellite.