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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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Section 3.07 Training. To the extent necessary, LLC and Cinemark, respectively, will provide training services to Cinemark’s support staff and customer service and other employees and agents on terms as mutually agreed by the Parties in their reasonable discretion. LLC agrees that it will pay for these training services and they will be adequate to permit Cinemark to train its own employees and agents as required to perform under this Agreement. Cinemark agrees to provide training services according to any reasonable standards as may be promulgated by LLC in consultation with Cinemark. LLC agrees to provide training services, at its cost, to Cinemark’s support staff and other employees with respect to any Equipment or Software upgrades or modifications prior to implementation.

Section 3.08 Equipment Maintenance Standard.

(a) Standard; Replacement. During the Term, the Parties shall each use their commercially reasonable efforts (i) to ensure there is no unauthorized access, loss or damage to or theft of Equipment hereunder, and (ii) to prevent piracy or other theft of Inventory exhibited through the use of such Equipment or otherwise in its possession or control. Cinemark further agrees to keep all Cinemark Equipment, including without limitation Lobby Screens, clean, and to promptly notify LLC if any Cinemark Equipment is not functioning properly. Cinemark shall promptly arrange to repair or replace any Equipment in its possession (provided the damage interferes with the delivery of the Advertising Services) that is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise fails to function or becomes inoperable, other than because of LLC’s failure to properly maintain the Equipment as set forth in Section 3.08(b).

(b) Performance of Repair and Replacement. Subject to the terms of this Section 3.08(b) and of Section 3.08(c) below regarding cost, the repair and replacement of Equipment shall be performed by LLC until such time as Cinemark elects to assume this responsibility by giving written notice to LLC. If Cinemark assumes this responsibility to perform replacement or repair but fails to maintain the Cinemark Equipment at a performance level substantially similar to the LLC Equipment, then LLC shall promptly provide Cinemark written notice of such failure and if such failure is not cured within 30 days, LLC shall be entitled to repair, or if repair is not reasonably possible, replace such LLC Equipment not so maintained and deduct the cost of such replacement from Cinemark’s Theatre Access Fees.

(c) Repair Costs. So long as LLC is performing repair and replacement of Equipment, LLC shall pay the costs of repair (but not replacement, which is the responsibility of Cinemark). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 3.08, LLC shall not be required or requested to make any expenditures that (i) would constitute a capital expenditure for LLC under GAAP or (ii) would have otherwise been payable by Cinemark’s insurance provider; provided, however, LLC shall be responsible for all costs to repair or replace Equipment to the extent damaged as a result of the negligence or misconduct of LLC and/or its subcontractors.