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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
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Section 3.02 Ownership of Equipment. As between the Parties, each Party will own the Equipment it pays for or reimburses the other Party for, whether pursuant to Section 3.01 or Section 3.03. To the extent possible, LLC agrees to assign to Cinemark any manufacturer warranties applicable to Cinemark Equipment procured by LLC pursuant to Section 3.01. If for any reason the aforementioned warranties are not assignable, upon written request of Cinemark, LLC shall use commercially reasonable efforts to enforce the warranties on behalf of Cinemark. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, any LLC Equipment placed or installed in a Theatre for maintenance purposes may, upon termination of this Agreement or deletion of a particular Theatre as provided herein, as applicable, be removed by LLC and held for its sole benefit.

Section 3.03 Cinemark Equipment. Cinemark shall be permitted to furnish any of the Equipment, at its sole cost and expense, upon consultation with LLC, and provided such Equipment satisfies LLC’s specifications for such Equipment (including compatibility with the Digital Content Network). LLC agrees to cooperate with Cinemark in good faith to permit the procurement by Cinemark of Equipment in lieu of procurement of such Equipment by LLC and reimbursement by Cinemark pursuant to Section 3.01.

Section 3.04 Installation.

(a) Performance. Cinemark and/or its subcontractors shall be solely responsible for the installation of all Equipment purchased pursuant to Section 3.01 or Section 3.03, as well as for ancillary services such as reporting, software integration and system cutover; provided, however, that Cinemark may elect to have LLC perform such services, and LLC shall then assume the responsibility for installation of all Equipment. If Cinemark elects for LLC to assume the responsibility for installation of all Equipment, (i) Cinemark shall reimburse LLC for the cost of installing Cinemark Equipment as set forth in the Specification Documentation, (ii) LLC will not issue invoices for any Equipment cost, or installation services related to such Equipment until the completion of such installation services, and (iii) LLC shall ensure that Equipment installed pursuant to this section is made functional in accordance with any installation rollout schedule agreed to by the Parties, as may be amended from time to time upon mutual agreement of the Parties or as circumstances warrant.

(b) Consultation; Landline. The Parties agree to consult with each other with respect to any modifications to Theatre premises necessary for receipt of the Advertising Services. LLC shall use commercially reasonable efforts to limit the size and number of satellite dishes that are required as part of the Equipment. Cinemark shall be solely responsible for obtaining any consents required for the installation or use of any Equipment at any Theatre, including without limitation governmental and landlord consents, provided LLC reasonably cooperates with Cinemark at Cinemark’s request in obtaining such consents. If Cinemark cannot obtain consent to installation of a satellite dish at a Theatre because of technical, landlord or legal restrictions, Cinemark and LLC shall work together in good faith to establish a landline connection to such location for the Digital Content Network. All costs of the landline connection, which shall be maintained with sufficient bandwidth for delivery of the Digital Content Service, shall be borne by LLC with respect to delivery of content from LLC to Cinemark’s wide area network and by Cinemark with respect to delivery of content from Cinemark’s wide area network to the applicable Theatres.