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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
Entire Document

“Theatre Maintenance Fee per Digital Cinema Screen” has the meaning assigned to it in Schedule 1.

Theatres” means from time-to-time, as applicable, all theatres in the Territory owned by Cinemark or an Affiliate of Cinemark or as to which Cinemark or an Affiliate of Cinemark has a controlling interest or operational control, including both Digitized Theatres and Non-Digitized Theatres, except as provided in Sections 2.02(b), 4.08 and 4.13 or as may be mutually agreed by the Parties in writing. The foregoing notwithstanding, no motion picture theatre located outside of the Territory shall be a Theatre without LLC’s prior written consent. Theatre includes all parts of the physical facilities inside a theatre building to which the public has access.

Third Amendment” has the meaning assigned to it in the recitals to this Agreement.

Third Party Theatre Agreement” means an agreement between LLC and a third party that gives LLC a right to provide Advertising Services with respect to the Theatres being Disposed of by a Founding Member to such third party and that meets the following minimum requirements: (i) the third party grants LLC exclusive access to and the exclusive right to provide Advertising Services with respect to the Theatres; (ii) the Third Party Theatre Agreement incorporates content standards no more restrictive than as set forth in section 4.03 of this Agreement; (iii) the fee payable by LLC to the third party for the Advertising Services does not exceed [***]% of LLC’s total revenue attributable to such Advertising Services; (iv) the term of the Third Party Theatre Agreement (excluding extensions) is for the shorter of (A) the term of the longest lease (excluding extensions) being Disposed of by the Founding Member in the transaction, or (B) [***]; (v) LLC has substantially similar penalties upon a breach of the Third Party Theatre Agreement by such third party than as set forth in this Agreement for breaches by such Founding Member; and (vi) in all other material respects, the Third Party Theatre Agreement imposes obligations upon the third party that are substantially similar to the obligations imposed upon the Founding Member in this Agreement, except that obligations arising exclusively from such Founding Member’s status as a Founding Member shall be inapplicable to the third party.

TMS” means a digital cinema theatre management server.

Traditional Content Program” means advertising and other promotional content which is displayed on 35 mm film prior to Showtime.

Trailer” means a promotion secured by Cinemark or its designee (which retains the exclusive rights to so secure for all of its Theatres) for a feature film or other programming, other than a Digital Programming Event that is exhibited in the Theatres after Showtime.

Unit Adjustment Agreement” means that certain Common Unit Adjustment Agreement dated as of February 13, 2007 among National CineMedia, LLC, RCH, Regal, AMC, Cinemark Media, and Cinemark.

Upgrade Request” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 3.05.

Video Display Program” means a program of digital content exhibited on Lobby Screens which is distributed by LLC through the Digital Content Network for exhibition in Digitized Theatres, and which is distributed non-digitally by some other means, including DVD, for exhibition in Non-Digitized Theatres.