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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2014
Entire Document

ROFR Notice” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 9.03(b).

ROFR Period” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 9.03(a).

ROFR Response” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 9.03(d).

ROFR Response Period” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 9.03(d).

Run-Out Obligations” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 4.08(a).

Second Amendment” has the meaning assigned to it in the recitals to this Agreement.

Secured Parties” means (i) the “Secured Parties” (or any analogous concept) as defined in the LLC Credit Agreement, (ii) Barclays Bank PLC (or any successor thereto), as Collateral Agent for the First-Lien Secured Parties (as defined in the Security Documents), (iii) the holders of any Notes Obligations (as defined in the Security Documents); (iv) Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (or any successor thereto), in its capacity as Trustee and authorized representative for the Senior Secured Notes and the holders of the Senior Secured Notes and (v) any other person acting in any analogous agency capacity or any other lender, noteholder or holder of secured debt, in each case in connection with any secured debt entered into or issued by LLC after the Restated Effective Date.

Security Documents” means collectively, the “Security Documents” as defined in the LLC Credit Agreement and in the purchase agreement or the indenture for the Senior Secured Notes, and any amendment, modification, supplement or replacement of such Security Documents and any security documents to be entered into by LLC in connection with any LLC secured debt after the Restated Effective Date.

Senior Secured Notes” means the 6.00% senior secured notes issued by LLC in April 2012, due in 2022.

Showtime” means the advertised showtime for a feature film or a Digital Programming Event.

Software” means the software owned by, and/or licensed to, LLC or its direct or indirect Subsidiaries and which is installed on either LLC Equipment or Cinemark Equipment and used in connection with delivery of the Digital Content Service and the Digital Carousel.

Special Promotions” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 4.14.

Specification Documentation” means documentation as specified herein, relating to technical specifications or other matters relating of this Agreement, that is delivered and agreed upon by the Parties on the Restated Effective Date.

Sponsor” means any Person that, financially or through the provision of goods or services, supports the production, distribution, underwriting or marketing of a Digital Programming Event.