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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Landlord of any such encumbrance. With respect to any such leasehold financing (and provided that Tenant is not in default under this Lease beyond any applicable notice and cure period), upon thirty (30) days’ prior written request from Tenant, Landlord will execute and deliver to the secured lender a “Landlord’s Agreement” in the form attached hereto as Exhibit J.

Article 21

General Provisions

Section 21.1.Subordination.  Tenant agrees to subordinate this Lease to the lien of any first priority mortgage or deed of trust or ground lease affecting the Premises (a “Mortgage”), provided that the holders of such Mortgage (each a “Mortgagee”) shall not be a Landlord Affiliate and provided further that the Mortgagee shall acknowledge in writing that, notwithstanding such subordination or the foreclosure of such Mortgage, the transfer by deed in lieu of foreclosure or the termination of the ground lease, as applicable, Tenant’s interest in the Premises and rights under this Lease shall be recognized and not be disturbed, and upon transfer of the Landlord’s interest hereunder by such foreclosure or deed in lieu thereof or termination Tenant will attorn to the transferee and the transferee will assume, observe and perform the obligations of Landlord hereunder. The instruments effecting such subordination, non- disturbance and attornment (each, a “Non-Disturbance Agreement”) shall be in form and substance satisfactory to Tenant and the holder of the applicable Mortgage, in their respective reasonable judgments (it being agreed, however, that it shall be reasonable for Tenant to disapprove any proposed Non-Disturbance Agreement that reduces Tenant’s rights or privileges hereunder, or increases Tenant’s obligations hereunder, or reduces the obligations of the transferee as landlord hereunder). The commencement of Tenant’s Work Period and Tenant’s obligation to pay Rent are conditioned upon Landlord obtaining and delivering to Tenant Non- Disturbance Agreements from the holders of each and every Mortgage (regardless of priority), or other monetary encumbrance affecting the Premises, which is in existence prior to the recordation of the Memorandums or which is otherwise shown as superior to Tenant’s interest hereunder in the Leasehold Title Policy.

Section 21.2.Notices.  Except as provided herein to the contrary (including, without limitation, Sections 5.3, 9. l (f) and 9.3), any notice, request or demand to be given pursuant to this Lease, shall be in writing and shall be sent by United States certified mail, return receipt requested, or delivered by a reputable overnight courier delivery service, addressed to Landlord or Tenant, as the case may be, at their respective addresses set forth in Article 1.  All such notices, requests and demands shall be deemed given upon receipt by the addressee or upon wrongful refusal of attempted delivery).  Either Party may, by written notice, designate different and/or additional addresses for notices, requests or demands to it.

Section 21.3.Invalid Provisions.  The invalidity and unenforceability of any provision of this Lease shall not affect or impair any other provision.

Section 21.4.Interlineation.  Whenever in this Lease any printed portion has been stricken out, whether or not any relative provision has been added, this Lease shall be construed as if the material so stricken was never included herein and no inference shall be drawn from the material so stricken out which would be inconsistent in any way with the construction or interpretation which would be appropriate if such material were never contained herein.

Section 21.5.Joint Preparation.  This Lease is to be deemed to have been prepared jointly by the Parties hereto and any uncertainty or ambiguity existing herein, if any, shall not be interpreted against any Party, but shall be interpreted according to the application of the rules of interpretation for arm’s-length agreements.

Section 21.6.Relationship of Parties.  Nothing contained in this Lease shall be construed to create the relationship of principal and agent, partnership, joint venture or any other relationship between the Parties hereto other than the relationship of landlord and tenant.  Nothing contained herein shall in any way impose any liability upon the stockholders, officers or directors of Landlord or stockholders, officers, directors or trustees of Tenant should such Parties be corporate entities.  Landlord shall not use, in its advertising materials or otherwise, any trade names, brands or marks that are owned by or commonly used by Tenant.