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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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or to any other part of the Project, the Premises are rendered substantially unusable for Tenant’s business by reason of diminished access, the payment of Rent and other charges payable hereunder shall equitably abate until accessibility is restored.

(e)General Representation. To the best of Landlord’s knowledge, after diligent inquiry, there are no Hazardous Materials in violation of Applicable Law or Environmental Hazards located within the Project or affecting the Project as of the Effective Date, except as specified in the Environmental Report.

Section 19.3.Environmental Remedial Work.  In the event any investigation or monitoring of site conditions or any clean-up, containment, restoration, removal or other remedial work pertaining to any Hazardous Materials or Environmental Hazard at or affecting the Project (“Environmental Remedial Work”) is required (i) under any Applicable Law, (ii) by any judicial, arbitration or administrative order, (iii) to comply with any agreements affecting the Premises or (iv) to maintain the Project in a standard of environmental condition which presents no risk to safety or health, (v) to prevent the release of any Hazardous Materials to adjacent property and otherwise is consistent with the prudent ownership of property of the character of the Project, then Tenant (if such Environmental Remedial Work is required as a direct result of Tenant’s Environmental Acts) or Landlord (if such Environmental Remedial Work is not required as a direct result of Tenant’s Environmental Acts), shall perform or cause to be performed such Environmental Remedial Work promptly and in accordance with all Applicable Laws.  All Environmental Remedial Work shall be conducted (i) in a diligent and timely fashion by licensed contractors acting under the supervision of a consulting environmental engineer, (ii) pursuant to a detailed written plan for the Environmental Remedial Work approved by any public or private agencies or persons with a legal or contractual right to such approval, (iii) with such insurance coverage pertaining to liabilities arising out of the Environmental Remediation Work as is then customarily maintained with respect to such activities and (iv) only following receipt of any required permits, licenses or approvals.  The selection of the Environmental Remedial Work contractors, any disclosures to or agreements with any public or private agencies or parties relating to Environmental Remedial Work and the written plan for the Environmental Remedial Work (and any changes thereto), whether the responsibility of Landlord or Tenant each shall be subject to the other Party’s prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, denied, conditioned or delayed.  In addition, the Party responsible for the Environmental Remedial Work shall submit to the other Party, promptly upon receipt or preparation, copies of any and all reports, studies, analyses, correspondence, governmental comments or approvals, proposed removal or other remedial work contracts and similar information prepared or received by such Party in connection with any Environmental Remedial Work or Hazardous Materials relating to the Project.  In the event the Party responsible therefor should fail to commence or cause to be commenced in a timely fashion, or fail diligently to prosecute to completion, such Environmental Remedial Work, the other Party (following written notice) may, but shall not be required to, cause such Environmental Remedial Work to be performed, and all costs and expenses thereof, or incurred in connection therewith, (i) in the case where Tenant is the responsible Party, shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord within thirty (30) days of Landlord’s invoice therefor or (ii) in the case where Landlord is the responsible Party, shall be paid by Landlord to Tenant within thirty (30) days of Tenant’s invoice therefor, and if not timely paid by Landlord, in addition to all other rights and remedies, Tenant shall have the right to offset such amount (together with interest thereon at the Interest Rate) against Rent which thereafter becomes due.  Neither Party shall be obligated to perform Environmental Remedial Work under this Section while it is contesting the application of any law, regulation or order, provided the other Party is not exposed to any additional liability, risk or damages.  The Parties’ obligations under this Section are solely for the benefit of the Parties hereto, their successors, and assigns and any subtenants of this Lease, and not for any other third parties.

Section 19.4.Effect of Termination.  All liabilities of Landlord and Tenant, respectively, under this Article 19, accrued as of the date this Lease terminates, shall survive such termination. If this Lease shall be terminated as a result of any Environmental Hazard other than Tenant’s Environmental Acts, Landlord shall promptly pay to Tenant an amount equal to the Unamortized Tenant Costs as of the date of such termination. If this Lease is terminated pursuant to Section 19.2, Tenant shall have the first right of refusal for the lease of the Premises should the Premises be restored within three (3) years of the termination date. Upon commencing the restoration of the Premises, Landlord shall send a written notice to Tenant stating its intent to restore the Premises and the projected date for the completion of such restoration. Within sixty (60) days of receipt of such notice, Tenant shall notify Landlord as to whether it desires to reinstate this Lease on the original terms and conditions.