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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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lieu of Base Rent and Additional Rent pursuant to Section 4.7. The provisions of this Section 13.3 shall be included in each of the Memorandums of Lease and recorded against the entire Project.

Section 13.4.Food Sales and Advertising.  Landlord will not sell or serve, or suffer or permit to be sold or served: (i) popcorn, from any premises, space or kiosk (other than the Premises) located within the Center; or (ii) bulk candy (i.e., candy sold by weight which is not prepackaged, other than “gourmet” candy sold by certain types of stores, as hereinafter specified), from any premises, space or kiosk (other than the Premises) located within that portion of the Center designated as the “Bulk Candy Free Zone” on Exhibit A attached hereto; provided, however, such restriction shall not preclude (a) the operation of a “See’s Candy,” “Godiva Chocolate,” “Fannie May”, “Van Dyne” or other like-kind store within the Bulk Candy Free Zone (an example of a precluded bulk candy store is “Sweet Factory”), or (b) the operation of a grocery store of any size (but not a convenience store, such as a “7-11” or a “Circle-K”, or similar concept) which may sell bulk candy within the buildings designated “Major 4” and “Building B” so long as any public entrance to such grocery store located in “Major 4” and “Building B” faces east.   Except for the signage contemplated under Article 15, Landlord shall not display or distribute or permit or suffer to be displayed or distributed, anywhere within the Center (including the interior of any premises other than the Premises), any signage, advertisement, flyer, announcement or other information that directly or indirectly refers to the Premises (by name, description of Tenant’s business or otherwise) or invites a comparison to the food, beverages or other concessions or services sold or served within Premises. (As an example and not as a limitation of the foregoing, no tenant or other occupant of the Center shall be permitted to display signage or other advertising that states or implies that food or beverage products sold within such premises may be available at prices lower than the prices for similar food or beverage products within the Premises.) The provisions of this Section 13.4 shall be included in the Memorandum of Lease between Landlord and Tenant and recorded against the entire Project.

Section 13.5.Prohibited Uses for Center.  Neither the Premises nor any other space or premises in the Center (including the Common Areas) shall be used for any of the prohibited uses listed on Exhibit N.

Section 13.6.No Lease Prohibitions.  Landlord represents and warrants that (i) no lease or other operating agreement affecting the Center (including, without limitation, the Permitted Encumbrances) prohibits or restricts (or will prohibit or restrict) the operation of the Premises for the Theater Use described above, and (ii) there are no so-called exclusive uses or restricted uses (“Existing Exclusives”) which would apply to the Premises or bind Tenant, except as disclosed on Exhibit I attached hereto, if any, and that the use of the Premises for all aspects of the Theater Use (including, without limitation for the sale of coffee and coffee related products, including espresso and other similar drinks) will not violate any of the Existing Exclusives. Tenant agrees, in connection with any change in use of the Premises from the Theater Use to a Compatible Use, not to violate or to cause Landlord to be in violation of the provisions disclosed on Exhibit I, if any.

Section 13.7.Prohibition of Use.  If at any time during the Term, it shall become illegal to operate a motion picture theater complex within the Premises, Tenant may terminate this Lease unless Landlord obtains an injunction against the enforcement of such Applicable Law or restriction within thirty (30) days of its passage, provided that the thirty (30) day period shall be extended for such period as may be reasonably required if Landlord commences appropriate proceedings to obtain such injunction within the thirty (30) day period and thereafter diligently proceeds to obtain the injunction (and so long as Landlord’s request for injunctive relief is not denied). If such prohibition shall occur, Rent and all other charges payable by Tenant under this Lease shall be fully abated from the date the prohibition becomes effective until such Applicable Law is repealed or declared unenforceable in a final, unappealable, judicial proceeding, or this Lease is terminated.