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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Article 17

Eminent Domain

Section 17.1.Taking of the Premises.  If the whole of the Premises or any portion thereof which in Tenant’s judgment renders the balance unsuitable for the continuation of Tenant’s business shall be taken in condemnation proceedings, by right of eminent domain or by sale in lieu of such taking (each such event, a “Taking”), then this Lease shall terminate when possession shall be taken by the condemning authority.

Section 17.2.Taking of the Center.  If, as a result of any Taking directly affecting portions of the Center or affecting any means of ingress or egress or other means of access to or within the Center, either (i) the conduct of Tenant’s business in the Premises becomes impracticable in Tenant’s reasonable judgment, or (ii) the number of parking spaces within the Parking Area as a whole is reduced below the number of Minimum Free Parking Spaces or the number of parking spaces within the Priority Parking Area is reduced below the applicable number of Premises Minimum Free Parking Spaces specified in Section 1.1, or (iii) ten percent (10%) or more of the Center (by Floor Area) is taken; then in any such event Tenant shall have the right and option to terminate this Lease upon notice to Landlord within thirty (30) days after Tenant is informed of the applicable occurrence. If any Rent or other charge has been paid in advance, Landlord shall refund to Tenant all sums so paid for the period after possession is taken by the condemning authority. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord shall have the right to terminate this Lease in accordance with clause (ii) or (iii) of this Section 17.2 after the first fifteen (15) Lease Years, unless Tenant waives a violation of clause (ii) of this Section 17.2.

Section 17.3.Obligations if Lease Not Terminated.  If there is a Taking but this Lease is not terminated pursuant to this Article 17, then:

(a)Landlord’s Obligation to Restore.  Landlord, at its sole cost and expense, shall repair, alter and restore the affected portions of the Center including the Building and the leasehold improvements therein(less any portions thereof so taken) and all means of access to the Protected Area and between the Protected Area and the Premises, to substantially their former condition or as close thereto as practicable.

(b)Tenant’s Obligation to Restore.  Upon substantial completion of Landlord’s restoration work pursuant to Section 17.3(a), Tenant, at its sole cost and expense, shall repair, alter and restore Tenant’s Property in the Premises to substantially its former condition or as close thereto as possible (subject to further alterations permitted hereunder).

(c)Abatement of Rent.  If the Floor Area of the Premises is reduced by the Taking, or if any portion of the Protected Areas is affected by the Taking, then from and after the effective date of the Taking, all Rent otherwise due hereunder shall be reduced in the same proportion that the Floor Area of the Premises after such Taking shall bear to such Floor Area before the Taking (with respect to a Taking of any portion of the Premises) or, if no portion of the Premises is directly affected by the Taking, by an equitable amount, as determined by the Parties mutually or by arbitration in accordance with Section 18.5 if the Parties fail to agree.

(d)Limitation on Restoration Costs.  In no event shall Landlord or Tenant be obligated to incur costs or expenses under Section 17.3(a) or (b) in excess of their respective portions of the aggregate condemnation award from the applicable Taking.

Section 17.4.Temporary Taking.  If any portion of the Premises or the Parking Areas or the Common Areas within the Protected Area, or any means of access to, from or between the Premises and the Protected Area is Taken on a temporary basis, then (i) Tenant shall be entitled to that portion of the condemnation award recoverable in respect of such temporary use of the Premises whether in the form of rental or otherwise, for the Taking of Tenant’s Property and for moving expenses, and for any restoration of Tenant’s work in the Premises, and (ii) unless Tenant continues to operate its business in the Premises, all Rent otherwise due hereunder shall be abated during the duration of such temporary Taking.  Except as provided above, this Lease shall be and remain unaffected by such Taking and Tenant shall continue to be responsible for all of its obligations hereunder insofar as such obligations are not affected by such Taking and shall continue to pay the Rent in full when due.  If the period of temporary use or occupancy shall extend beyond the expiration of the Term (including any options to extend that shall have been