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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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including the applicable Base Rent then payable, and Landlord shall be obligated to timely perform Landlord’s Restoration Work pursuant to Section 16.1, as if this Lease had not been terminated so long as there are at least two (2) Lease Years remaining in the Term and/or Extension Term that Tenant has elected or may choose to elect.

(e) Except as provided above and subject to Landlord’s and Tenant’s respective restoration and repair obligations, Landlord shall be entitled to all insurance proceeds payable in respect to any damage to or destruction of the Center, including the Premises (but excluding Tenant’s FF&E and Tenant’s Property), and Tenant shall be entitled to all insurance proceeds payable in respect to Tenant’s FF&E and Tenant’s Property.

Section 16.4.Rental Abatement.  If, as a result of any damage or destruction to the Center or the performance of Landlord’s Restoration Work, access to or visibility of the Premises, the operation of Tenant’s business in the Premises (such as may be caused by excessive noise or debris in connection with Landlord’s Restoration Work), or use of or access to the Common Areas within the Protected Area, or the use of or access to the Parking Areas is adversely affected or interfered with in any significant respect, whether directly as a consequence of the damage or destruction or indirectly as a consequence of the repair and restoration activities, but Tenant nevertheless continues to operate its business in the Premises, then all Rent otherwise payable by Tenant shall be abated during the applicable period and in lieu thereof Tenant shall pay Alternate Rent to Landlord in accordance with Section 4.7 above. If the damage or destruction is so extensive as to constitute a Substantial Casualty and Tenant ceases operating its business in the Premises as a consequence thereof, then the Rent otherwise payable hereunder shall abate in full until the earlier to occur of the date which is ninety (90) days following the date Landlord substantially completes Landlord’s Restoration Work or the date Tenant recommences operation of its business in the Premises. If this Lease is terminated as a result of damage or destruction and if any Rent or other charge has been paid in advance by Tenant, then Landlord shall refund to Tenant all sums so paid for the period after the damage or destruction.

Section 16.5.Tenant’s Special Self-Help Rights.  If the Common Areas within the Protected Area or the Critical Accessways are damaged or destroyed in any manner that (directly or indirectly) materially interferes with the conduct of Tenant’s business in the Premises and this Lease is not terminated in accordance with this Article 16 but either (i) Landlord fails to commence Landlord’s Restoration Work with respect thereto within sixty (60) days after the date of such damage or destruction or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practical or (ii) Landlord commences Landlord’s Restoration Work with respect thereto but subsequently fails to prosecute the completion of Landlord’s Restoration Work diligently, then, unless Landlord commences or recommences the diligent prosecution of Landlord’s Restoration Work within thirty (30) days after Tenant notifies Landlord (and each mortgagee of the Center to whom Tenant has been directed in writing to give notices of Landlord’s default) of such failure, (a) such failure shall constitute a material default by Landlord hereunder, and (b) in addition to all other remedies available to Tenant as a consequence of such default, with respect to the Premises, the Protected Area and the means of access to, from and between the Premises and the Protected Area (including the Critical Accessways), Tenant shall have the right and easement (but not the obligation) to enter onto the affected portions of the Center and to undertake and thereafter prosecute the completion of Landlord’s Restoration Work with respect to the affected facilities on Landlord’s behalf and at Landlord’s sole cost and expense.

If Tenant exercises the so-called “self-help” remedy set forth in this Section 16.5, then, Landlord shall reimburse Tenant, on demand, for the actual out-of-pocket costs incurred by Tenant in performing Landlord’s Restoration Work. If Landlord fails to so reimburse Tenant within twenty (20) days after Tenant’s demand and evidence of payment by Tenant, then Tenant shall have the right to offset the amount thereof (plus interest thereon at the Interest Rate from the date of demand) against Rent and all other sums otherwise payable to Landlord hereunder and, if the Term would otherwise expire prior to the date that Tenant is paid or recoups the entire amount due to Tenant hereunder (including interest thereon as aforesaid), then Tenant shall be entitled to extend the Term, on a Rent-free basis, until the entire amount thereof (including interest thereon as aforesaid) is paid to or otherwise recouped by Tenant.