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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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general development entitlements for the Center. Tenant shall cooperate and join with Landlord in filing and prosecuting all applications, appeals and/or variances for the obtaining of sign permits and other governmental approvals (and tenant approvals) that may be required with respect to Tenant’s Signs, including furnishing sketches and/or plans showing the signs.

Section 15.4.Sign Easements.  There shall be appurtenant to the Premises, and Landlord hereby grants to Tenant, easements for the purpose of enabling Tenant to have access to the off-Premises Tenant’s Signs (if any) to maintain and service the same and to ensure the continued availability of power.

Section 15.5.No Obstructions.  Landlord shall not place or permit any improvements, landscaping, signs or other obstructions in the Center or in the Common Area of the Center, except as shown on the Site Plan, which would interfere with the visibility of Tenant’s Signs on the Building from the Common Area or from adjoining streets, highways and sidewalks. All other signs which can be viewed from the exterior of the Center shall be professionally made tenant identification signs which are attractive and in good taste.

Section 15.6.Roof-Top Access.  Throughout the Term, subject to Applicable Laws, Tenant shall have the sole and exclusive right to install, locate, maintain, use, replace and repair satellite dishes and other roof-top communications equipment on the roof of the Building. Tenant shall have the right to install and operate or contract with a third party to install and operate one or more solar panels and satellite dishes and/or other communication devices on the roof of the Building (collectively, “Rooftop Equipment”), provided any such satellite dish is used for the transmission of signals to the Building (such as, by way of illustration and not limitation, the beaming of concerts, telecasts and the like or corporate communications) and not re-transmission to third parties and such solar panels are used primarily to provide power to or power credits for the Building and not for generation of revenue. Tenant shall, at its sole cost and expense, maintain and insure (or cause to be maintained and insured) any Rooftop Equipment as necessary to keep same in good condition and repair. Landlord shall not use or permit any person or entity (other than Tenant) to use the exterior walls or roof of the Building for any purpose whatsoever.  Any Rooftop Equipment shall not be readily visible to the general public from ground of the Common Area and the installation and operation thereof shall not interfere with the safety or operation of the Center.  Tenant shall pay all taxes levied upon the Rooftop Equipment and all licensing fees, franchise taxes and other charges, expenses (including any additional maintenance costs incurred by Landlord) and other costs relating to the construction, ownership, maintenance and operation of the Rooftop Equipment.  The installation and operation of the Rooftop Equipment shall not violate any provision or requirement of any bond or guaranty covering the roof or any other portion of the Center.

Section 15.7.Directional Signs.  In addition to Tenant’s Signs specified above, Landlord may, but shall not be required to install and maintain directional signage in appropriate locations (to be agreed upon by the Parties pursuant to the Work Letter) throughout the interior and exterior portions of the Center to identify and direct patrons of the Center to the Premises (using Tenant’s corporate identification and marks) and to inform the patrons of the Center of the location of and means of access to the Premises.

Article 16

Damage and Destruction

Section 16.1.Landlord and Tenant to Rebuild.  Subject to Landlord’s or Tenant’s option to terminate this Lease as hereinafter set forth, if the Premises or any other part of the Center, including the Common Areas therein, shall be damaged, destroyed or rendered untenantable, either in whole or in part, by fire, the elements or other casualty, whether or not such casualty is insured, then Landlord (with respect to the affected portions of the Center, including the Building and the leasehold improvements therein, but excluding Tenant’s FF&E and other removable personal property in the Premises) and Tenant (with respect to the Tenant’s FF&E and other removable personal property within the Premises), shall promptly rebuild, repair or restore all affected buildings, improvements and property to the condition that existed immediately prior to such casualty, with only such alterations as would be permitted hereunder in the absence of such casualty (the “Restoration Work”); provided, however, that Tenant shall not be obligated to commence or proceed with Tenant’s Restoration Work unless and until