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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(b)Subject to the provisions of Section 7.5, Section 7.6 and Section 7.7, to the extent of any payment made hereunder, the Indemnitor or, if applicable, its insurer, shall be subrogated to all of the Indemnitee’s rights of recovery therefor, against any person or organization (other than an employee of the Indemnitee) and the Indemnitee shall execute and deliver instruments and papers and do whatever else is necessary to secure such rights. The Indemnitee shall do nothing after loss to prejudice such rights.

(c)Upon the Indemnitee becoming aware of any act or omission which might reasonably be expected to be the basis of a Claim covered hereby, written notice shall be given by the Indemnitee or on its behalf to the Indemnitor as soon as practicable, together with the fullest information obtainable. If claim or demand is made or suit is brought against the Indemnitee, the Indemnitee shall immediately forward to the Indemnitor every demand, notice, summons or other process received by the Indemnitee or its representative

Article 8


Section 8.1.Service to the Premises.  Landlord, at its expense (and as part of Landlord’s Work), shall provide all mains, conduits and other facilities for any utilities or services needed at the Center (including the Premises), including (without limitation) water, sanitary sewer, natural gas, electricity, telephone and telecommunications and, if applicable, storm sewer, in each case as shown (if at all) on the Final Site Improvement Plans approved by Landlord in accordance with the Work Letter. All such utilities, if required by a local utility provider or governmental authority having jurisdiction, will be located within recorded utility easements, accepted by the applicable utility provider(s), from the public right-of-way to the point(s) of connection to the Premises. Once each meter is available for Tenant’s use, Tenant will pay the cost of utility meter usage.  Landlord shall pay all “impact” and other fees, however designated for connection of such utilities to the Premises. Landlord shall pay for the extension of the sanitary and storm sewer system to within five (5) feet of the Premises. On the Commencement Date, separate metering will be in place for all utilities that serve the Premises if such separate metering is available from the utility company providing the particular utilities to the Premises. Tenant shall pay to the public utility companies before delinquency all charges for water, gas, electricity and other utility services consumed on the Premises, unless separate metering is not available, in which case Landlord shall cause a separate submeter or check meter to be installed at the Premises, and Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for the cost of utility service, as measured by the submeter, at the rate Landlord is charged by the utility company (without mark-up) within thirty (30) days following receipt of Landlord’s written request for reimbursement, accompanied by invoices evidencing the costs incurred. With respect to any utilities paid directly by Tenant to the provider for any energy consumed at the Premises, Tenant, promptly upon written request, shall deliver to Landlord (or, at Landlord’s option, execute and deliver to Landlord an instrument in form and content reasonably acceptable to Tenant enabling Landlord to obtain from such provider) reasonable data about such consumption that Landlord, in its reasonable judgment, is required to disclose to a prospective buyer, tenant or Lender or prospective lender under California Public Resources Code §25402.10 or any similar law. If during the Term, any utility company or Governmental Authority requires additions to, or replacement of, capital improvements (by way of example and not by limitation, sanitary sewer lines or water lines) to serve the Premises, the cost of the same shall be borne solely by entities other than Tenant. Landlord, without contribution or reimbursement from Tenant, shall bear all sewer assessments imposed by public authorities to finance construction of sewage utilities and facilities outside the Center. Tenant shall not be responsible for increases in utility charges caused by Landlord’s failure to comply with its repair obligations under this Lease. If Tenant requires Landlord to use a different utility provider than the utility provider that Landlord is using for the Center, Tenant shall pay all costs to change to the utility provider that Tenant requires.

Section 8.2.Interruption of Service.  Except for interruptions in utility service caused by an Uncontrollable Event (defined below) or by Tenant’s negligence or willful misconduct, Landlord shall provide continuous and uninterrupted utility services to the Premises, at least in the capacities needed to service the Premises, as specified in the Work Letter and/or Final Plans. Any interruption of or material reduction in utility service to the Premises (other than an interruption or reduction caused by Tenant’s negligence or willful misconduct) that results in