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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(b)That Landlord and each person executing this Lease on behalf of Landlord (or in any representative capacity) have full right and lawful authority to execute this Lease;

(c)That there is no legal or contractual impediment arising out of any of the Permitted Encumbrances or out of any Applicable Laws or otherwise related to the construction and use of the Premises, which would prevent or prohibit the use and enjoyment of the Center (including the Parking Areas and the other Common Areas) as a First Class Center or the use and enjoyment of the Premises as a multi-screen movie theater complex in accordance with the provisions of this Lease;

(d)That as of the Commencement Date, Landlord shall have complied with all Applicable Laws related to the Center, so that the Center, the Common Areas and the business to be conducted by Tenant from the Premises may be operated in a manner consistent with the operation of a First Class Center;

(e)That from and after the commencement of Landlord’s Work, Landlord shall have complied with and performed and thereafter shall continue to comply with and perform all recommendations, requirements and obligations regarding the environmental condition of the Center and the Project as specified in the Environmental Report and Landlord will continue to comply with all applicable Environmental Laws affecting the Center and the Project;

(f)That the Center is not subject to, and Landlord will not make or enter into any agreement or lease which is inconsistent with any of Tenant’s rights or privileges under this Lease; and

(g)That, except for the Project Approvals as defined in Section 2.2 which Project Approvals Landlord will have obtained prior to the Commencement Date, Landlord has obtained all necessary entitlements (including zoning and site plan approvals) from the applicable Governmental Authorities to develop and operate the Center (including the Premises) as presently used and occupied and as contemplated hereunder.

  Landlord acknowledges that Tenant has relied on each of the foregoing covenants, warranties and representations in executing this Lease, that each of the same is material and that each of said warranties and representations are true as of the date hereof, will be true as of the Commencement Date and will remain true throughout the Term.                                                                                    

Section 11.2.Easement Agreements.  Landlord warrants and represents that there is and shall be no reciprocal easement agreement, operating agreement or agreement of similar import encumbering or benefiting all or any portion of the Center, except for the REA, and other matters expressly disclosed on Exhibit G hereto. Landlord shall not enter into any agreement that in any manner or fashion (directly or indirectly) limits or interferes with Tenant’s rights and privileges under this Lease, interferes with the conduct of Tenant’s business in the Premises or increases the cost of doing business by Tenant or the cost of Tenant’s Work or creates or increases any obligations, restrictions or liabilities of Tenant. Landlord shall maintain all easements, including, without limitation those granted under the REA, that benefit the Premises or the Center in full force and effect throughout the Term and shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to enforce the REA, and all other cross easement rights, operating covenants and other similar rights, if any, in all material respects; provided that if Landlord fails to enforce such rights within thirty (30) days after notice from Tenant is received by Landlord (or such additional time as is reasonably required by Landlord), Landlord agrees that Tenant shall have the right to enforce said rights directly or in the name and on behalf of Landlord, and Landlord shall reimburse Tenant upon demand therefor for the  reasonable expenses incurred  by Tenant in enforcing such rights.

In addition: (i) Landlord covenants and agrees to observe and perform all of the covenants, conditions, restrictions and obligations imposed on the “Declarant” under the REA, and (ii) Landlord shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to enforce (including, without limitation, enforcement by legal process) any provisions of the REA that directly or indirectly benefit the Premises.