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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(m)Keep the Common Areas insured and covered by insurance policies providing coverage (in scope and amount) not less than the coverages specified in Article 7;

(n)Intentionally deleted.

(o)Take reasonable steps (but only to the extent permitted by Applicable Laws) to ensure that any demonstrations, leafleting or picketing in the Common Areas is removed or eliminated so that access to the Premises or the conduct of Tenant’s business is not hindered or interrupted;

(p)Employ and/or contract for courteous trained personnel for Common Area security functions reasonably necessary during Center operating hours and such other hours as are reasonably deemed necessary by Landlord for the safe and orderly operation of the Common Areas;

(q)Repaint and re-finish the exterior surfaces of the Center and the interior Common Areas of the Center periodically; and

(r)At Landlord’s option, provide an on-site manager and secretary and such other on-site staff and personnel as may be appropriate for the operation of a First Class Center.

Section 5.3.Failure to Maintain.  If Landlord fails to commence and thereafter diligently complete its Common Area maintenance obligations with respect to the Protected Area, and/or Critical Accessways, in whole or in part, within a reasonable time (i.e., immediately, with respect to matters posing an imminent threat to the safety and security of Tenant or Tenant’s patrons or their personal property, or (y) within twenty-four (24) hours with respect to matters adversely affecting access to the Premises or the conduct of Tenant’s business (such as, without limitation, problems in the Protected Area), or (z) within four (4) days for all other matters) after written or telephonic notice thereof from Tenant, Tenant may (but shall not be obligated to) perform such work or cause such work to be performed at Landlord’s cost and expense, and Landlord shall reimburse Tenant for the reasonable, out-of-pocket costs and expenses so incurred by Tenant within twenty (20) days after demand and receipt of evidence of payment by Tenant. If Landlord fails to reimburse Tenant as aforesaid within twenty (20) days after Tenant’s demand, then Tenant may deduct the amount of its expense, together with interest thereon accruing at the Interest Rate, from subsequent installments of Rent or other payments due hereunder. Tenant’s “self-help” and reimbursement rights under this Section 5.3 shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any and all other rights and remedies of Tenant as a consequence of Landlord’s failure to perform its obligations under this Article 5. Without limiting Landlord’s obligations hereunder with respect to the Common Areas and the maintenance, repair and operation of the Center, Landlord acknowledges that Tenant may operate its business in the Premises on days and at hours that some or all of the other tenants and occupants of the Center are not open and operating their businesses and Landlord covenants and agrees to keep the Common Areas of the Center open and staffed (including, without limitation, sufficient security personnel) at all times that Tenant’s business in the Premises is open and operating for business.

Section 5.4.Trash and Refuse Area.  The area that is depicted as the “Tenant’s Refuse Compactor” on the Site Plan attached hereto as Exhibit A shall be enclosed, provided with utilities, and otherwise made ready by Landlord for the installation of a trash and refuse compactor (all as more particularly described in Exhibit D) and shall be used by Tenant for its trash and refuse compactor, which compactor will be installed and paid for by Tenant, and shall be for Tenant’s exclusive use and benefit. The Tenant’s Refuse Compactor area shall be separately screened and secured so that no other tenant or occupant of the Center shall have access to Tenant’s Refuse Compactor or the affected area. In addition, Landlord shall, in accordance with the Work Letter, install, and shall provide and maintain electrical service lines to service Tenant’s Refuse Compactor (provided that the cost of such electric service shall be paid by Tenant). Tenant shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of such area, and repair of Tenant’s Refuse Compactor itself, and for arranging and paying for the collection, haulage and disposal of the trash and refuse from the Tenant’s Refuse Compactor. Tenant shall cause Tenant’s Refuse Compactor to be emptied and the contents thereof disposed of regularly.

Section 5.5.Statement and Reconciliation of Common Area Expenses.  Within ninety (90) days after the end of each calendar year and/or fiscal year, Landlord will send to Tenant an itemized statement of Common Area Expenses for such year and the detailed