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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Section 5.2.Landlord’s Maintenance Obligations.  The Common Areas shall be under the exclusive control and management of Landlord, subject to the terms hereof. Landlord shall at all times operate and maintain (or cause to be operated and maintained) the Common Areas (including, without limitation, the Parking Areas, and the hardscape and landscaping, if any, located on the Demised Land but outside the exterior footprint of the Building) in a safe, secure and sightly condition and repair, commensurate with (or better than) the then current standards of shopping center operation and maintenance for a majority of the other First Class Centers in the Metropolitan Area and in all events in compliance with the requirements of the REA, if any. Landlord shall provide therefor all such services as are reasonably required. As part of such operation and maintenance (but not as a limitation thereof), Landlord shall:

(a)Inspect, maintain, repair and replace the surface of the Common Areas (including, without limitation, the Parking Areas, curbs and sidewalks), keeping them level, smooth and evenly covered with the type of surface material originally installed thereon or such substitute therefor as shall be in all respects equal or greater in quality, appearance and durability;

(b)Remove all papers, debris, filth, refuse, snow and ice from the Common Areas (including, without limitation, the Parking Areas and removal of accumulated snow and ice from the Priority Parking Areas and walkways providing access to the Premises) and wash or thoroughly sweep paved areas as required, including washing the sidewalks and plazas around the Premises as appropriate to maintain a First-Class appearance;

(c)Provide at all times a sufficient number of first-class, functional trash receptacles in the Common Area for Common Area trash and remove such trash and refuse from such receptacles on a regular basis throughout the day and night as needed to avoid overflowing trash cans;

(d)Install, maintain, replace and repair all entrance, exit and directional signs, markers and lights as shall be reasonably required and in accordance with the practices prevailing in the operation of First Class shopping centers of similar size;

(e)Clean Common Area lighting fixtures and relamp as needed and, in all events pertaining to the lighting fixtures within the Protected Area within one (1) day after notice from Tenant;

(f)Repair, remark and replace striping, markers and directional signs in the Common Areas as necessary to maintain the same in good condition;

(g)Install, maintain, repair and replace landscaping as necessary to keep the same in good condition, and maintain all wetlands (if any) in the Center in good condition and in compliance with all Applicable Laws;

(h)Clean signs of the Center (as contrasted with those of tenants or other occupants), including relamping and making repairs as required;

(i)Keep the Common Areas (including, without limitation, the Parking Areas and all accessways and entrances to, from and between the Premises and the Parking Areas) open, operating and adequately lit and patrolled, as conditions may require during such hours as Tenant’s business in the Premises is open for business as well as for no less than 30 minutes after Tenant’s business closes;

(j)Maintain, repair and replace, as necessary, all utility facilities within and/or serving the Common Areas, including (without limitation) any utility facilities outside the Premises to which the Premises are connected;

(k)Use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the use of and activities within the Common Areas do not disrupt or interfere with access to the Premises or the conduct of Tenant’s business in the Premises;

(l)Perform all maintenance, repairs, replacements, alterations and improvements in and to the Common Areas that are necessary to keep the Common Areas in compliance with Applicable Laws applicable to the design, construction, operation, use and maintenance of the Common Areas, including, but not limited to, all maintenance, repairs, replacements, alterations and improvements in or to the Common Areas that are required by Applicable Laws to permit Tenant to use the Premises for the uses contemplated under this Lease;