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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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information relating to the proposed creation of any such improvement or special assessment district with boundaries that encompass any portion of the Premises. If any Real Estate Taxes imposed on the Center to finance any improvement made or proposed by such district shall be payable in a lump sum during the last ten (10) Lease Years, and Tenant reasonably believes that all or a portion of the benefit to be conferred by such improvement shall accrue to Landlord after the expiration of the Term, then Tenant and Landlord shall endeavor to determine the apportionment of such Real Estate Taxes and the share thereof to be borne by each. If the parties shall be unable to agree upon the proper apportionment, such apportionment shall be determined by arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Section 18.5 hereof. This Section 6.8 shall not apply to special assessments confirmed prior to the Effective Date hereof which are assessed or imposed by existing Governmental Authority or assessment districts.

Section 6.9.Tax Incentive Programs. If a program exists which will result in a total or partial exemption from, or abatement or reduction of Real Estate Taxes assessed or to be assessed against the Center, Landlord shall use all reasonable and diligent efforts to obtain the benefits of such program and to reduce Real Estate Taxes accordingly. If Landlord does not reasonably pursue the benefits, then Real Estate Taxes shall be adjusted for purposes of calculating Tenant’s liability under this Article 6. The amount of adjustment shall be the amount by which the Real Estate Taxes would have been reduced if the full benefits under such program had been granted; provided, however, that such adjustment shall be contingent upon Tenant showing, to Landlord’s reasonable satisfaction, that the benefits were in fact obtainable.

Section 6.10.Reassessment Upon Sale. If the assessed valuation of the Center (or any portion thereof) is increased by any taxing authority due to a sale, transfer, conveyance or financing of any portion of the Center (or any interest therein) more than once during the first fifteen (15) years of the Initial Term or more than once every five (5) years after the first fifteen (15) years of the Initial Term, then any such increases in valuation shall be disregarded for purposes of determining Real Estate Taxes hereunder and Real Estate Taxes and Tenant’s Pro Rata Share of Real Estate Taxes shall be calculated based upon the assessed valuation that the Center would have had if the sale, transfer, conveyance or financing had not  occurred.

Article 7

Insurance and Indemnification

Section 7.1.Insurance Policies.

(a)Tenant’s Insurance.  Throughout the Term (except as to the coverages required under Section 7.l (a)(iv) which will only be carried while Tenant’s Work is ongoing and except that Tenant shall carry the coverages required under Section 7.l(a)(i) from the date Tenant enters upon the Premises for the purpose of commencing Tenant’s Work), Tenant shall procure and maintain, or cause to be maintained, all the following insurance:

(i)Commercial General Liability Insurance.  Commercial or comprehensive general liability insurance on an occurrence basis, with coverage at least as broad as the standard ISO Occurrence Form CG0001 or equivalent, insuring against any and all claims for damages to person or property or loss of life or of property occurring on or about the Premises or arising from the operation of the Premises or arising from any tortious acts or negligence of Tenant or any of Tenant’s agents, employees, licensees or contractors on or about the Center, with coverage limits of not less than $5,000,000 for bodily injury or death to any one person and not less than $5,000,000 for bodily injury or death arising from any one accident or occurrence, and not less than $500,000 for property damage, with such deductibles as Tenant may customarily carry in the conduct of its business.  If Tenant elects to serve alcoholic beverages at the Premises, Tenant’s commercial or comprehensive general liability insurance policy shall also include coverage for liquor liability (Dram Shop) insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

(ii)Tenant’s Theatre Building and Other Insurance.  A special form property insurance policy covering loss or damage to the Building, with coverage at least as broad as the Standard ISO Form CP 1030 including fire,