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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Premises” shall mean the Building and the Demised Land, subject to Section 2.1(b).

“Priority Parking Area” shall mean the portions of the Parking Area that are located within the “Priority Parking Area” identified on the Site Plan attached hereto as Exhibit A, in which Landlord shall at all times maintain at least the applicable number of Premises Minimum Free Parking Spaces set forth in Section 1.1.

“Project” shall mean (i) the Center, all real property covered by the REA, if any, and all buildings and other improvements thereon which comprise the Center, and (ii) all off-site facilities which are appurtenant to the Center or which are utilized or relied on by the Center for access, parking, utilities, zoning and land use compliance or are operated in conjunction with the operation of the Center.

“Project Approvals” shall have the meaning given such term in Section 2.2.

“Protected Area” shall mean the portion of the Center that is depicted as such on the Site Plan attached hereto and made a part hereof as Exhibit A, and the Common Areas (including Parking Areas) therein.

“REA” shall have the meaning given such term in Section 23.1. Tenant’s leasehold interest under this Lease shall be subject to the REA; provided, however, in the event of a conflict between the terms and provisions of the REA and this Lease, as between Landlord, Landlord Affiliates and Tenant, the terms and provisions of this Lease shall prevail.

“REA Consent/Estoppel”) shall have the meaning given such term in Section 2.3(d).

Real Estate Taxes” shall mean the following, subject to the terms and limitations specified below and in Article 6:  all real estate taxes and assessments levied or assessed against the land and buildings comprising the Center (including the Building) and all other governmental levies of every kind or nature whatsoever, general or special, extraordinary as well as ordinary, which shall be charged, levied, assessed or imposed by any lawful taxing authority against the land and/or buildings comprising the Center (including the Building) and which are customarily considered part of real estate taxes and assessments. Provided, however, the following are excluded from Real Estate Taxes: (i) any taxes, levies or assessments for betterments or special assessments levied or assessed in connection with the development, financing, construction of the Project or any part thereof (including taxes, levies and assessments with respect to any tax increment financing district, or other special assessment district, whether or not the proceeds were used directly or indirectly to pay for, to finance or to offset the cost of constructing the Project or any aspects thereof); provided, however, the assessed value of the Center as a result of the construction of the Center shall be included within Real Estate Taxes; (ii) any and all so-called impact fees and/or utility capacity charges payable in connection with the development of the Center (including the Building) or the entitlements for same, such as sewer capacity fees, school fees, park fees, library or fire district fees, or fees charged to mitigate traffic or other development impact; (iii) any transfer taxes or deed stamps (or similar charges) imposed on the sale, change of ownership or transfer of any portion of the Center (including the creation of the leasehold estate hereunder) all of which shall be paid by Landlord at no cost or expense to Tenant (except that Tenant shall be solely responsible for any transfer taxes imposed on the sale or assignment by Tenant of its leasehold estate hereunder); (iv) any tax, assessment or levy that is assessed or levied against or with respect to any facilities that are not part of the Center, for which Landlord may be responsible pursuant to an operating agreement or reciprocal easement agreement or similar arrangement; and (v) any taxes or assessments levied or assessed against Tenant’s personal property within the Premises (for which Tenant shall be solely responsible). Real Estate Taxes payable by Landlord shall include interest on all installment payments, as well as any interest or late fees assessed on delinquent payments or installments (although interest or late fees assessed on delinquent payments or installments shall not be included in Real Estate Taxes for purposes of determining Tenant’s Pro Rata Share unless such lateness or delinquency is caused by Tenant). Landlord shall make payment of Real Estate Taxes over the longest period of time permitted by law, and only the installment required to be paid for a Tax Year may be included in Real Estate Taxes for such Tax Year. Further, in no event shall Real Estate Taxes include any of the following: income, franchise, corporate, personal property, excess profits, transfer, revenue, estate, inheritance, gift, devolution, succession or excise taxes of Landlord or impact fees, brokerage fees, parking fees or development fees or any other tax, assessment or charge upon or measured, in whole or in part, by the rent payable hereunder (unless, in the case of a tax on rental payments, the tax is enacted after the date hereof and is expressly in lieu of traditional Real Estate Taxes).