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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Section 4.2.Percentage Rent.  In addition to Base Rent, Tenant shall pay Landlord percentage rent (“Percentage Rent”) with respect to each Percentage Rent Year as follows:  

The Percentage Rent for any Percentage Rent Year shall be equal to the positive amount (if any) which is calculated by multiplying (i) .08 by (ii) the amount by which Tenant’s Gross Sales for such Percentage Rent Year exceed the Percentage Rent Breakpoint for such Percentage Rent Year.

As used herein, the term “Percentage Rent Breakpoint” shall mean the applicable amount provided in Section 1.1 above.

Section 4.3.Intentionally Deleted.

Section 4.4.Percentage Rent Payment and Statements. Tenant shall pay Percentage Rent (if any is due) within ninety (90) days following the end of each Percentage Rent Year.  Together with each payment of Percentage Rent and in any event, within ninety (90) days after the end of the applicable Percentage Rent Year, Tenant shall submit a statement signed by a corporate officer, showing the amount of Tenant's Gross Sales for such Percentage Rent Year.

Section 4.5.Records and Audits.  Tenant shall keep accurate records of all Gross Sales in accordance with Tenant’s usual accounting practices and shall maintain such records at the Premises or at Tenant’s primary place of business.  Landlord may, not more frequently than once in any 12‑month period, audit Tenant’s Gross Sales records for the Premises by providing forty-five (45) days’ advance written notice of such audit.  Landlord must exercise its audit rights (if at all) within two (2) years following the end of the Percentage Rent Year that Landlord desires to audit.  If Landlord fails to notify Tenant of Landlord’s intention to audit Tenant’s Gross Sales records for a particular Percentage Rent Year within two (2) years after the expiration thereof (or if Landlord notifies Tenant of Landlord’s intention to audit but fails to pursue the audit diligently), then Landlord may not seek to recover any deficiencies in the amount paid.  All audits shall be performed during Tenant’s usual business hours and without interference with the conduct of business at the place where the audit is made.  If an audit reveals that Gross Sales were understated by more than four percent (4%) than the amount in Tenant’s Gross Sales statement, then Tenant shall pay to Landlord the reasonable cost of such audit.  In addition, within twenty (20) business days after the completion of the audit, Tenant shall pay to Landlord any additional Percentage Rent owed based on the audited Gross Sales figure (plus interest thereon at the Interest Rate from and after the date the Percentage Rent should have been paid if the Gross Sales had not been previously understated by Tenant).  If the audit discloses an overpayment of Percentage Rent by Tenant, then Landlord shall pay to Tenant the amount of the overpayment within twenty (20) business days after the completion of the audit.

Section 4.6.Confidentiality of Financial Information.  The financial information provided by Tenant to Landlord under this Lease, (including, without limitation, information concerning Tenant’s Gross Sales and/or Tenant’s general financial condition), together with any additional information that Landlord may obtain in connection with its audit rights hereunder, shall be received, handled and treated in all respects as confidential information, to be used solely by Landlord in connection with the bona fide purposes of this Article 4, and shall not be communicated, delivered, published or otherwise disclosed to any person or entity (in summary form or otherwise) without the express prior written consent of Tenant in each instance; provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall prohibit Landlord from making disclosures of any such information to the extent required by law or in pursuance of a valid subpoena or legal process or to Landlord’s actual or prospective investors or lenders (provided that the investors and lenders shall not own or operate any movie theaters and that such disclosure shall be made subject to the confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements hereof).

Section 4.7.Alternate Rent. If Tenant (in its sole discretion) elects to open for business to the public in the Premises prior to the satisfaction of the Commencement Date Conditions, or if the Co-Tenancy Condition is not satisfied on the Commencement Date (even though the initial satisfaction of the Co-Tenancy Condition shall not be a Commencement Date Condition), then in either case, provided Tenant is open and operating in the Premises, all Base Rent and Additional Rent (other than Tenant’s Tax Contribution) otherwise due hereunder shall be abated and in lieu thereof Tenant shall pay Alternate Rent to Landlord until the Commencement Date Conditions are satisfied and Landlord has initially satisfied the Co-Tenancy Condition. Further if, at any time after the initial satisfaction of the Co-Tenancy