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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Section 2.3.General Conditions.   In addition to the conditions set forth elsewhere in this Lease, at Tenant’s option this Lease shall be subject to the following conditions:

(a)That, within sixty (60) days after the Effective Date, Landlord shall provide to Tenant the following:

(i)A current pro forma Leasehold Title Policy in favor of Tenant issued by Stewart Title Insurance Company, showing all matters of record affecting the Landlord’s Parcel (including mortgages and ground leases) and legible copies of all documents identified or referred to therein.

(ii)A current ALTA/ACSM survey of the Landlord’s Parcel, with a separate depiction and description of the Demised Land, which shows (at a minimum) all locatable matters disclosed in the pro forma and which is expressly certified to Tenant and the title company by the surveyor.

(iii)A Phase I Environmental Report (“Environmental Report”), prepared by an environmental consultant covering the Project, addressed to Tenant and, if the Environmental Report is not expressly addressed to Tenant, a “reliance letter” from the author(s) thereof confirming that Tenant may rely on the Environmental Report.

If Tenant shall notify Landlord of its disapproval (which shall be granted or withheld by Tenant in Tenant’s sole discretion, exercised in good faith and in accordance with Tenant’s customary practices) of any of the foregoing items within thirty (30) days following Tenant’s receipt thereof, then, except as may be otherwise specified by Tenant (such as, without limitation, conditions to approval and deadlines for same), this Lease shall be terminated and of no further force or effect. The matters disclosed in the title insurance commitment or survey delivered pursuant to (a)(i) or (a)(ii) above which are approved by Tenant shall be the “Permitted Encumbrances” hereunder and Exhibit G hereto shall be revised accordingly. Tenant and Landlord acknowledge that the following shall not constitute Permitted Encumbrances: (i) any Mortgage that is superior to this Lease, unless and until the mortgagee, holder or beneficiary thereof or the ground lessor thereunder executes and delivers to Tenant a Non-Disturbance Agreement in accordance with Section 21.1; (ii) any utility easement, building set-back line or other restriction over which the Building encroaches or upon completion would encroach; and (iii) any covenants, conditions or restrictions that would prohibit or materially restrict or limit the operation of the Premises for the Theater Use or prohibit or materially restrict Tenant’s rights with respect to the Common Areas as contemplated by this Lease; provided, however, that Tenant shall be deemed to have waived any objection to such matters which are expressly reflected as exceptions in the Leasehold Title Policy so long as Tenant has accepted and approved the Leasehold Title Policy (although nothing contained herein shall obligate Tenant to accept the Leasehold Title Policy subject to any such matters).

(b)That, on or before October 31, 2015: (i) Landlord shall (x) obtain, and furnish to Tenant reasonable documentary evidence (such as, without limitation, a commitment to issue title insurance with an ALTA form “3.1 Zoning Endorsement”) that Landlord has obtained all zoning and other discretionary governmental approvals and entitlements (other than occupancy certificates), including, without limitation, the Project Approvals, each in form and substance (and subject to conditions) reasonably satisfactory to Tenant, required (1) to construct, operate and maintain the Center in accordance with the Site Plan, (2) for the development and operation of a movie theater within the Premises containing approximately 65,219 square feet of Floor Area, at least 14 theater auditoria and not more than 1,650 theater seats and a game room (not exceeding fifteen (15) games), and (3) to permit the operation of the Premises for the Theater Use, and that such approvals and entitlements are in full force and effect and are not subject to challenge or appeal and (y) obtain and deliver to Tenant satisfactory written evidence that (i) all approvals necessary for the installation and maintenance of Tenant’s Signs, including approvals from all applicable Governmental Authorities having approval rights over same, have been obtained, and (ii) the site plan and floor plans for the Premises (which shall in all events be consistent with the Site Plan and Final Building Plans and Final Site Improvement Plans), in form and substance approved by Tenant, shall be approved by all applicable Governmental Authorities having jurisdiction over the Center and all other permits and approvals required for the construction of the Premises and all items of Landlord’s Work (other than building and signage permits which shall be obtained by Tenant at Tenant’s expense) shall have been obtained by Landlord at Landlord’s expense and shall be in full force and effect and not subject to challenge or appeal.