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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(b)Further, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, for purposes of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease, the Premises shall be deemed not to include any land (whether or not depicted on Exhibit A or described on Exhibit B-1 attached hereto) or facilities (including landscaping and hardscape features) that are located outside of the exterior “footprint” of the Building (subject to Tenant’s right to make alterations to the Building in accordance herewith), other than the canopies, building lighting and signage that are attached to the Building, which land and facilities shall be deemed to be “Common Areas” hereunder (such that Landlord, not Tenant shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of such land and facilities). In addition, if the Demised Land has not been subdivided as a separate lot at the time the legal description thereof is set forth on Exhibit B-1, then at such time as the Demised Land is subdivided as a separate lot, the Parties will amend Exhibit B-1 to reflect the legal description of the Demised Land by reference to its subdivided number on a recorded plat.

Section 2.2.Site Plan.  Landlord represents and warrants that Exhibit A attached hereto accurately depicts in all material respects the intended future development of the Project, as presented by Landlord for approval to all applicable Governmental Authorities having jurisdiction over the Project including the existing, and where indicated, future physical configuration of the Center, and illustrates the location, relative size, and configuration of the new development contemplated for the Project, all significant Common Areas (including the Parking Areas elements) of the Center and the agreed location of the Building Pad and Building as of the Effective Date, all as presented to applicable Governmental Authorities, except as to the following approvals that have not yet been obtained: (i) approval by Sacramento County of the master plan and detailed site plan for the Project; (ii) design review approval for the Project from Sacramento County; and (iii) a conditional use permit, sign variances and traffic signal approvals, in each case, from the applicable governmental authority (collectively, the “Project Approvals”). From time to time promptly after the completion of any building improvements or Common Area elements of the Center, Landlord shall deliver to Tenant a revised, “as-built” site plan of the Center, but the delivery of such revised site plan shall not constitute a permitted modification or substitution of or permitted deviation from the Site Plan attached hereto as Exhibit A.

(a)No “material” (as defined below in this Section) modification to the Protected Area as shown on the Site Plan shall be effected, without the prior written approval of Tenant, which approval may be withheld in Tenant’s sole discretion. The Project (outside the Protected Area) shall not materially deviate from the Site Plan in any material respect, without the prior written approval of Tenant, which approval shall not unreasonably be withheld. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord may change the configuration and location of the various tenant spaces and buildings within the Permissible Building Area, shown on the Site Plan.

(b)Any deviations or changes to the Project or any portion thereof shall be deemed to be “material” if such deviations or changes: (i) alter or necessitate an alteration in the size, location or configuration of the Premises; or (ii) alter or necessitate an alteration in the Common Areas within the Protected Area, including the Priority Parking Area; or (iii) adversely affect in any significant respect (x) the access to or visibility of the Premises from the Common Area, or (y) the access to or between the Center, the Parking Areas and/or the Premises from the public streets and sidewalks adjacent to the Center, or (z) the visibility of Tenant’s Signs from the Common Area or from the streets and rights of way adjacent to the Project; or (iv) directly or indirectly increase the costs of construction, maintenance or operation of the Premises; or (v) alter the general character of the Center as a First Class Center; or (vi) would violate the restrictions set forth in the REA, if any, or would, in the reasonable opinion of a first class movie operator operating in the Premises, have a material adverse effect on the operation of its business. Without limiting the foregoing, Landlord and Tenant acknowledge and agree that the following shall be “material” deviations and changes, which shall not be undertaken or effected without Tenant’s prior written consent, which consent may be withheld in Tenant’s sole discretion: (i) the installation or location of any building improvements within the “Protected Area” shown on the Site Plan (ii) any closure, reconfiguration or re-location of the “Critical Accessways” shown on the Site Plan attached hereto), (iii) the installation or location of any kiosks or similar features (whether temporary or permanent) within the “No-Kiosk Area” (if any) shown on the Site Plan attached hereto, and (iv) any reduction in the number of parking spaces within the entire Center below the number of Minimum Free Parking Spaces or within the Priority Parking Area below the number of Premises Minimum Free Parking Spaces specified in Section 1.1. At the request of either Party, any disagreement between the Parties concerning the “materiality” of any changes shall be resolved by arbitration pursuant to Section 18.5.