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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Four Wall Deal” shall mean, a bona fide transaction entered into in good faith (and not as a subterfuge to avoid payment of Percentage Rent) where an unaffiliated third party is permitted to use the Premises or one or more auditoria therein on a limited engagement basis either for a fixed fee or where (as in so-called “90-10” transactions) Tenant retains only a specified percentage of ticket revenues and a third-party is entitled to the balance of the ticket revenues.  

Governmental Authority” shall mean any federal, state, municipal or local governmental authority, agency or board or any division thereof.

Governmental Requirements” shall mean those Applicable Laws which relate to the development, construction, occupancy or use of the Premises or the Center for their intended uses.

Gross Sales” shall mean the following receipts generated at, in or from the Premises whether in cash or on credit: all box office receipts of the Premises (excluding admission receipts from Four Wall Deals), all proceeds from the sale of goods, services, concessions, refreshments and merchandise in the Premises, and the actual payments retained by Tenant in connection with Four Wall Deals, and concession stand receipts generated at, in or from the Premises. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, Gross Sales shall not include the following: any tax, fee, assessment or charge collected for payment to any Governmental Authority, whether imposed by present or future federal, state or local law; any customer refunds, credits, and adjustments; receipts from vending machines (including pay telephones and ATMs); receipts from video or electronic games (unless or to the extent payable to or retained by Tenant), advertising receipts (including without limitation media, sponsorship and/or promotional advertising of any kind); license and concession fees paid to Tenant (but the Gross Sales of the licensee or concessionaire shall be included); amounts received from the sale of lottery tickets or similar games of chance (except to the extent of the sales “commission” retained by Tenant and the percentage of any winning lottery tickets given to the ticket vendor); any receipts from the sale of VIP or gift certificates or discount cards, except that the actual charge will be included in Gross Sales when redeemed at the Premises; any “Pass Admissions,” including EBF charges (i.e., amounts paid to Tenant and remitted to Tenant’s employee benefit fund) on “Pass Admissions;” third-party agency fees and commissions paid for selling tickets and surcharges in excess of the standard ticket price for tickets purchased or reserved from any off-Premises locations, including purchases and reservations made by telephone, over the internet or other remote means (other than the ticket price, but excluding advertising of any kind); and any proceeds of insurance or any compensation with respect to any Taking or amounts received for the sale of Tenant’s furnishing, fixtures and equipment or any sublet rents or other consideration paid to Tenant for the subletting of the Premises or the assignment of this Lease (but the Gross Sales of the subtenants and assignees shall be included).

Hazardous Materials” shall mean (a) any substance, product, waste or other material of any nature whatsoever which is or becomes listed, regulated, or addressed pursuant to any Environmental Laws; (b) any substance, product, waste or other material of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, mold and other biological agents) which may give rise to liability under any Environmental Laws or under any statutory or common law theory based on negligence, trespass, intentional tort, nuisance or strict liability now or hereafter applied to environmental contamination or under any reported decisions of a state or federal court; (c) petroleum or crude oil, other than petroleum and petroleum products contained within regularly operated motor vehicles; (d) asbestos and asbestos-containing materials; (e) subsurface gas (including radon); (f) urea formaldehyde foam insulation; (g) poly-chlorinated biphenyls; (h) Freon and other chlorofluorocarbons; and (i) underground storage tanks.

Initial Term” shall mean the period that commences on the Commencement Date and expires on the day immediately preceding the fifteenth (15th) Anniversary of the Commencement Date, subject to extension as provided in Section 3.3 and Section 3.4.

Interest Rate” shall mean two percent (2%) per annum in excess of the “prime” or “corporate base” lending rate announced by Bank of America or any successor thereto from time to time, whichever is lower, or, if neither such rate is readily discernible, the “Prime Rate” published from time to time in the “Money Rates” column of the Wall Street Journal (or any successor thereto) (or if there is more than one such rate, then the average of the rates so published).