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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Applicable Laws; (xiii) any and all other costs associated with the operation of the business of Landlord, intending by this exclusion to distinguish the same from the costs of operation, management, maintenance, cleaning and repair of the Common Areas (excluded items shall specifically include, but shall not limited to, formation of the Landlord entity, internal accounting and legal matters, including but not limited to, preparation of tax returns and financial statements and gathering of data therefor, costs of selling, syndication, financing, mortgaging or hypothecating any of Landlord’s interest in the Center, and costs of any disputes between Landlord and its employees); (xiv) any rental charges or other occupancy costs pertaining to any off-site property management or leasing office; (xv) salaries and bonuses of officers and executives of Landlord and compensation paid to clerks, attendants or other persons in commercial concessions operated by Landlord (not including, however, the Center on-site manager, subject to the limitations set forth below); (xvi) any component of Real Estate Taxes, personal property taxes and/or any taxes for betterments or special assessments; (xvii) [intentionally deleted]; (xviii) costs associated with the operation or maintenance of any food court area, if any, or any information or customer service booth; (xix) audit fees and expenses; (xx) costs of promoting the Center; (xxi) costs of constructing any pylons signs or monument signs (other than as provided in Section 15.2 below) for the Center; (xxii) merchants’ association or merchants’ fund fees, or costs to market, promote or advertise the Center; (xxiii) any costs or expenses pertaining to the ownership, operation, maintenance, repair, insuring or securing of the portions of the Center not devoted to serving retail, retail service offices, restaurant or entertainment uses (except for ancillary office space associated with and part of such retail, retail service offices, restaurant or entertainment uses), if any; and (xxiv) any management fees, administrative charges, salaries, benefits or employment costs in excess of the permitted administrative fee described below.

All Common Area Expenses shall be based on the actual reasonable and competitive out-of-pocket costs (excluding overhead costs); provided, however, that Landlord may include in Common Area Expenses a permitted administrative fee equal to the lesser of (x) the actual out-of- pocket management fees and administrative costs for the Center (including actual salaries, benefits and employment costs of (and only of) any on-site personnel, including the Center manager who perform work or service only for the Center), or (y) an amount equal to five percent (5%) of all Common Area Expenses paid by Landlord. Landlord shall reduce all Common Area Expenses by (x) any discount, rebate, or contribution made by any tenant of the Center in excess of its respective pro rata share, and (y) any payments or contributions on account of common area maintenance (however designated) collected by or credited to Landlord that serve to reduce such costs (including, without limitation, parking revenues and valet service fees and any payments from or charges against the non-retail portion of the Center or the occupants thereof for the use of the Common Areas of the Center or the Parking Areas).

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Common Area Expenses shall not include, and Tenant shall be solely responsible for, the costs and expenses of providing additional security services and personnel which may be required to be furnished by Tenant in connection with special or extraordinary events conducted by Tenant at the Premises, provided that feature grand openings and other events that are typical in other first-class motion picture theaters in the Metropolitan Area shall not be treated as “special or extraordinary events” for these purposes. Landlord acknowledges that, if Tenant provides security services for special or extraordinary events as contemplated above, Tenant does not represent, guarantee or assume responsibility that Landlord or the other tenants or patrons of the Center will be secure from any claims relating to such security services.

“Compatible Use” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1.

“Co-Tenancy Condition” shall mean the achievement and continued satisfaction of the following conditions while Tenant is operating the Premises primarily for the Theater Use (subject to Excused Closures): (i) the Co-Tenancy Level of the Center shall be equal to or greater than fifty percent (50%) of the gross leasable area of the Center (exclusive of the Building), (ii) at least one (1) sit-down restaurant of at least 5,000 square feet, (which may be utilized to achieve the fifty percent (50%) requirement in clause (i) above) is open and operating and (iii) the Center is being operated as a First Class Center.    The leasable area of Building B as shown on Exhibit A shall not be included in the gross leasable area for purposes of determining the Co-Tenancy of the Center for the period of one (1) year after Nordstrom vacates such building to relocate its business operation to the building designated as Major 1 on Exhibit A.