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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(e)Investment Assurances. The Company may require a Participant, as a condition of exercising or acquiring Shares under any Award, (i) to give written assurances satisfactory to the Company as to the Participant’s knowledge and experience in financial and business matters or to employ a purchaser representative reasonably satisfactory to the Company who is knowledgeable and experienced in financial and business matters and that he or she is capable of evaluating, alone or together with the purchaser representative, the merits and risks of exercising the Award; and (ii) to give written assurances satisfactory to the Company stating that the Participant is acquiring Shares subject to the Award for the Participant’s own account and not with any present intention of selling or otherwise distributing the Shares. The foregoing requirements, and any assurances given under those requirements, will be inoperative if (x) the issuance of the Shares on the exercise or acquisition of Shares under the Award has been registered under a then currently effective registration statement under the Securities Act; or (y) as to any particular requirement, a determination is made by counsel for the Company that that requirement need not be met in the circumstances under the then applicable securities laws. The Company may, on advice of counsel to the Company, place legends on stock certificates, if any, issued under the Plan as that counsel considers necessary or appropriate in order to comply with applicable securities laws, including, but not limited to, legends restricting the transfer of the Shares.

(f)Withholding Obligations. To the extent provided by the terms of an Award Agreement and subject to the discretion of the Administrator, the Participant may satisfy any federal, state or local tax withholding obligation relating to the exercise or acquisition of Shares under an Award by any one or combination of the following means (in addition to the Company’s right to withhold from any compensation paid to the Participant by the Company): (i) cash payment; (ii) authorizing the Company to withhold a number of Shares from the Shares otherwise issuable to the Participant as a result of the exercise or acquisition of Shares under the Award, the Fair Market Value of which does not exceed either the maximum statutory tax rates in the Participant’s applicable jurisdictions or the amount of tax required to be withheld by law, and in which case the Award will be surrendered and cancelled with respect to the number of Shares retained by the Company (provided that to the extent such direction would result in the Company withholding fractional Shares, the number of Shares to be withheld will be rounded down to the nearest whole and the Participant shall be required to pay the remainder of the Exercise Price in cash or by certified or bank check); (iii) delivering to the Company previously owned and unencumbered Shares; or (iv) by execution of a recourse promissory note by a Participant. Notwithstanding the foregoing, at any time that the Company is an “issuer” as defined in Section 2 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, no Director or Executive Officer (or equivalent thereof) of the Company or an Affiliate will be permitted to pay any portion of the tax withholding with respect to any Award with a promissory note or in any other form that could be deemed prohibited personal loan under Section 13(k) of the Exchange Act. Unless otherwise provided in the terms of an Award Agreement, payment of the tax withholding by a Participant who is an Officer, a Director or otherwise subject to Section 16 of the Exchange Act, by delivering previously owned and unencumbered Shares or in the form of Share withholding is subject to pre-approval by the Administrator, in its sole discretion. The Administrator will document any pre-approval in the case of a Participant who is an Officer or Director in a manner that complies with the specificity requirements of Rule 16b-3 under the Exchange Act, including the name of the Participant involved in the transaction, the nature of the transaction, the number of Shares to be acquired or disposed of by the Participant and the material terms of the Award involved in the transaction.