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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(h)Incentive Stock Option $100,000 Limitation. To the extent that the aggregate Fair Market Value of Shares on the Date of Grant with respect to which Incentive Stock Options are exercisable for the first time by any Participant during any calendar year (under all plans of the Company and any “parent corporation” or “subsidiary corporation” of the Company, as those terms are defined in Code Sections 424(e) and 424(f), respectively) exceeds $100,000, the Options or portions thereof which exceed that limit (according to the order in which they were granted) will be treated as Nonqualified Stock Options.

(i)Employee Transfer, Approved Leave of Absence. For purposes of Incentive Stock Options, no termination of employment by an Employee will be deemed to result from either (i) a transfer to the employment of the Company from a “parent corporation” or “subsidiary corporation” of the Company, as those terms are defined in Code Sections 424(e) and 424(f), respectively, from the Company to a parent corporation or subsidiary corporation or from one parent corporation or subsidiary corporation to another; or (ii) an approved leave of absence for military service or sickness or for any other purpose approved by the Company, if the period of leave does not exceed three months or, if longer, the Employee’s right to re-employment is guaranteed either by a statute or by contract.

(j)Disqualifying Dispositions. Each Participant awarded an Incentive Stock Option will be required to immediately notify the Company in writing as to the occurrence of a disqualifying disposition of any Shares acquired by exercise of the Incentive Stock Option, and the price realized on the disqualifying disposition of those Shares. A “disqualifying disposition” is any disposition (including, without limitation, any sale or transfer) before the later of (i) two years after the Date of Grant of the Incentive Stock Option or (ii) one year after the issuance of the Shares acquired by exercise of the Incentive Stock Option. The Company may, if determined by the Administrator and in accordance with procedures established by the Administrator, retain possession of any Shares acquired by exercise of an Incentive Stock Option as agent for the applicable Participant until the end of the period described in the preceding sentence.

(k)Rights of Participant in Common Stock. Neither any Participant nor the legal representatives, heirs, legatees, distributees or Permitted Transferees of any Participant shall be deemed to be the holder of, or to have any of the rights of a holder with respect to, any Option Shares unless and until such Shares are issued to such Person (as evidenced by the appropriate entry on the books of the Company or of a duly authorized transfer agent of the Company). Upon the issuance of such Shares, such Participant shall have absolute ownership of the Shares, including the right to vote such Shares, to the same extent as any other owner of Shares of Common Stock, and to receive dividends thereon, subject, however, to the terms, conditions and restrictions of the Plan and any other undertakings of such holder of Common Stock.

7.Restricted Awards

A Restricted Award is an Award of Restricted Stock or Restricted Stock Units, which provides that, except as otherwise provided in Section 17(d)(ii) with respect to Permitted Transferees, the Restricted Award may not be sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of, pledged or otherwise encumbered for the period (the “Restricted Period”) determined by the Administrator. Each Restricted Award will be in such form and will contain such terms, conditions, eligibility and Restricted Periods as the Administrator determines to be appropriate, including the treatment