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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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generally accepted accounting principles and standards, unless another objective method of measurement is designated by the Administrator. In addition to the foregoing, the Administrator shall adjust any performance goals or other features of a Performance Award that relate to or are wholly or partially based on the number of, or the value of, any Shares, to reflect a change in the Company’s capitalization, such as a stock split or dividend, or a corporate transaction, such as a merger, consolidation, separation (including a spin-off or other distribution of stock or property), or a reorganization of the Company.

(vi)To the extent such inclusions or exclusions affect a Performance Award to a Participant who is a Covered Employee or is reasonably anticipated to become a Covered Employee during the term of the Performance Award, they shall be prescribed in a form that meets the requirements of Code Section 162(m) for deductibility.

(c)Satisfaction of Performance Goals. A Participant will be entitled to receive Shares (as evidenced by the appropriate entry on the books of the Company or of a duly authorized transfer agent of the Company) under a Stock Performance Award, or cash under a Cash Performance Award, only on satisfaction of all conditions specified in the written instrument evidencing the Performance Award (or in a performance plan adopted by the Administrator), including, without limitation, the Participant’s satisfaction of applicable tax withholding obligations attributable to the Performance Award. With respect only to a Performance Award that is denominated in hypothetical stock units, Shares or cash, as applicable, will be issued and delivered and the Participant will be entitled to the beneficial ownership rights of the Shares (if any) not later than (i) the date that is 2½ months after the end of the Participant’s taxable year (or the end of the Company’s taxable year, if later) for which the Administrator certifies that the Performance Award conditions have been satisfied and the Performance Award is vested and no longer subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture, and (ii) such earlier date as may be necessary to avoid application of Section 409A of the Code to the Performance Award.

(d)Discretionary Adjustments. The Administrator may, in its discretion, at any time establish (and, once established, rescind, waive or amend) additional conditions and terms of payment of a Performance Award (other than a Performance Award intended to qualify as performance-based compensation under Code Section 162(m)) granted to any Participant (including but not limited to the achievement of other financial, strategic or individual goals, which may be objective or subjective) as it may deem desirable in carrying out the purposes of the Plan and may take into account such other factors as it deems appropriate in administering any aspect of the Plan, including to reduce the amount of any Performance Award at any time prior to payment based on such criteria as it shall determine, including but not limited to individual merit and the attainment of specified levels of one or any combination of the performance goals.

(e)Acceleration, Waiver, Etc. With respect solely to a Participant who is not (and is not expected to become during the term of the Performance Award) a Covered Employee, at any time before the Participant’s termination of Continuous Service, the Administrator may in its sole discretion accelerate, waive or, subject to Section 16, amend any or all of the goals, restrictions or conditions imposed under any Performance Award. For any Participant who is, or is expected to become during the term of a Performance Award, a Covered Employee, no