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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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(19)earnings per share.

(iii)A performance goal may be measured over a performance period on a periodic, annual, cumulative or average basis and may be established on a corporate-wide basis or with respect to one or more operating units, divisions, subsidiaries, acquired businesses, minority investments, facilities, partnerships or joint ventures. More than one performance goal may be incorporated in a performance objective, in which case achievement with respect to each performance goal may be assessed individually or in combination with each other. The Administrator may, in connection with the establishment of performance goals for a performance period, establish a matrix setting forth the relationship between performance on two or more performance goals and the amount of the Performance Award payable for that performance period. The level or levels of performance specified with respect to a performance goal may be established in absolute terms, as objectives relative to performance in prior periods, as an objective compared to the performance of one or more comparable companies or an index covering multiple companies on a per Share basis, against the performance of the Company as a whole or against particular entities, segments, operating units or products of the Company, on a pre-tax or after-tax basis, in tandem with any other performance goal, or otherwise as the Administrator may determine. The Administrator may, in connection with the establishment of performance goals for a performance period, specify one or more adjustments to any of the business criteria specified in Section 8(b)(ii).

(iv)Performance goals will be objective and will otherwise meet the requirements of Section 162(m) of the Code. Performance goals may differ for Performance Awards granted to any one Participant or to different Participants. A Performance Award to a Participant who is a Covered Employee or is reasonably anticipated to become a Covered Employee during the term of the Performance Award will (unless the Administrator determines otherwise) provide that if the Participant’s Continuous Service ceases before the end of the performance period for any reason, the Performance Award will be payable only if the applicable performance objectives are achieved and to the extent, if any, determined by the Administrator. These objective performance goals are not required to be based on increases in a specific business criterion, but may be based on maintaining the status quo or limiting economic losses. With respect to any Participant who is not a Covered Employee or expected to become a Covered Employee during the term of the Performance Award, the Administrator may establish additional objective or subjective performance goals.

(v)The Administrator may provide in any Performance Award that any evaluation of performance may include or exclude the effect, if any, on reported financial results of any of the following events that occurs during a performance period: (1) asset write-downs, (2) gain or loss from all or certain claims or litigation and all or certain insurance recoveries relating to claims or litigation, (3) changes in tax laws, accounting principles or other laws or provisions, reorganization or restructuring programs, including share repurchasing programs, (5) acquisitions or divestitures, (6) foreign currency exchange translations gains and losses, (7) revenue or earnings attributable to minority ownership in another entity or (8) gains and losses that are treated as extraordinary items under Accounting Standards Codification Topic 225. Each of the adjustments described in this Section 8(b)(v) may relate to the Company as a whole or any part of the Company’s business or operations, as determined by the Administrator at the time the performance goals are established. The adjustments are to be determined in accordance with