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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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aggregate number of days permitted to the Participant under Company vacation and sick leave policies applicable to the Participant, or (v) any conduct or activity of such Participant deemed injurious to the Company in the reasonable discretion of the Company or the Board.

(k)Code” means the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

(l)Committee” means a committee of one or more members of the Board appointed by the Board to administer the Plan in accordance with Section 3(f).

(m)Common Stock” means (i) the authorized Common Stock of the Company, par value $.001 per Share, as constituted on the Effective Date or (ii) the shares resulting from a change in the Common Stock as presently constituted which is limited to a change of all of its authorized shares with par value into the same number of shares without par value or as a change in the par value.

(n)Company” means Cinemark Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

(o)Consultant” means any natural person who provides bona fide consulting or advisory services to the Company or an Affiliate under a written agreement, which services are not in connection with the offer or sale of securities in a capital raising transaction and do not directly or indirectly promote or maintain a market for the Company’s securities.

(p)Continuing Directors” means individuals who, with respect to any 12-month period, constitute the Board and any new Director (other than a Director whose initial assumption of office is in connection with an actual or threatened election contest relating to the election of Directors or as a result of any other actual or threatened solicitation of proxies by or on behalf of any Person other than the Board) whose appointment or election by the Board or nomination for election by the Company’s stockholders was approved by a vote of at least two-thirds of the Directors then on the Board (either by a specific vote or by approval of the proxy statement of the Company in which that individual is named as a nominee for Director without objection to the nomination) who either were Directors on the Effective Date or whose appointment, election or nomination for election was previously so approved or recommended;

(q)Continuous Service” means the uninterrupted service of a Participant with the Company or an Affiliate as an Employee, Director or Consultant. A Participant’s Continuous Service will not be deemed interrupted or terminated merely because of a change in the capacity in which the Participant renders service, such as a change in status from Employee to Consultant or Director, or a change in the entity for which the Participant renders service, such as from the Company to an Affiliate, so long as there is no interruption or termination of the Participant’s service. The Administrator or its delegate, in its sole discretion, may determine whether Continuous Service will be considered interrupted in the case of any approved leave of absence, including sick leave, military leave or any other personal or family leave of absence.

(r)Covered Employee” means a “covered employee” as defined in Code Section 162(m)(3), as modified by regulations and interpretive guidance issued thereunder.

(s)Date of Grant” means the first date on which all necessary corporate action has been taken by the Administrator to approve the grant of an Award to a Participant as provided