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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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wall screens, wrap-around sound, plush seating and a maximum comfort entertainment environment for an immersive experience. The exceptional XD technology does not require special format movie prints, which allows us the flexibility to program any available digital print we choose, including 3-D content, in our XD auditoriums. We also prefer the economies of our private label format since there is no additional revenue share component outside of routine film rental. As of December 31, 2017, we had 242 XD auditoriums in our worldwide circuit with plans to install more XD auditoriums during 2018.

We offer enhanced food and beverages such as fresh wraps, hot sandwiches, burgers, and gourmet pizzas, and a selection of beers, wines, and frozen cocktails, all of which can be enjoyed in the comfort of the auditoriums, at approximately 48% of our worldwide theatres. We also offer market-adaptive concepts with full bars or dine-in areas in certain of our theatres.

We currently have auditoriums that offer seats with immersive cinematic motion, which we refer to as motion seats, throughout our worldwide circuit. These motion seats are programmed in harmony with the audio and video content of the film and further immerse guests in the on-screen action. We offer motion seats in 208 auditoriums throughout our worldwide circuit. We plan to continue to add motion seats to additional locations during 2018.  

We recently announced plans to collaborate on an in-theatre immersive virtual reality technology. The advanced technology takes guests on a real-life, full-body journey where they engage with characters and their environment through sight, sound, touch, smell and motion. We plan to install this technology in at least one domestic theatre during 2018 and we are continuing to evaluate other locations at which we can offer our guests this unique entertainment option.

Motion Picture Exhibition Industry Overview

Technology Platform

All of our domestic and first-run international theatres are fully digital. Digital projection technology allows filmmakers the ability to showcase imaginative works of art exactly as they were intended, with incredible realism and detail. Digital projection has enabled us to offer a wider array of content, including 3-D programming and alternative entertainment such as live and pre-recorded sports programs, concert events, the Metropolitan Opera, e-sports and gaming events and other special presentations.

All of our domestic locations can receive movie and movie-related content via satellite through the content delivery network of Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition, or DCDC, the motion picture exhibition industry joint venture established during 2013. Approximately 97% of our domestic locations can also receive film content and live content via satellite. Delivery of content via satellite is more cost effective for both distributors and exhibitors, as compared to the costs to produce and ship hard drives.

During 2015, we began the expansion of satellite delivery technology into our Latin American markets, initially for live event presentations. Ninety-six percent of our international theatres have the capability to receive film content and live event feeds via satellite. We expect that all of our international locations will have this capability by the end of 2018.