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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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We launched a unique membership program for our domestic circuit in December 2017.  Cinemark Movie Club offers guests a monthly fixed-price 2D ticket, member-pricing for a companion ticket and concession and other transaction discounts.  Cinemark Movie Club is another unique option for our loyal guests and allows us to stay informed of our frequent guests’ preferences.


We are one of the leaders in the motion picture exhibition industry. We compete against local, regional, national and international exhibitors with respect to attracting guests, licensing films and developing new theatre sites. Our primary U.S. competitors include Regal and AMC and our primary international competitors, which vary by country, include Cinépolis, Cine Colombia, CinePlanet, Kinoplex (GSR), and Araujo.

We are generally able to book films without regard to the film bookings of other exhibitors at many of our theatres. In certain limited situations, distributors allocate movies to only one theatre in a market generally based on demographics, the conditions, capacity and grossing potential of each theatre, and the terms of exhibition. In all theatres, our success in attracting guests can depend on customer service quality, location, theatre capacity, quality of projection and sound equipment, film showtime availability and ticket prices.

We compete for new theatre sites with other movie theatre exhibitors as well as other entertainment venues. Securing a potential site depends upon factors such as committed investment and resources, theatre design and capacity, revenue potential, and financial stability.  

We face competition from a number of other movie exhibition delivery systems, such as digital downloads, video on-demand, pay-per-view television, DVDs, network and syndicated television. We also face competition from other forms of entertainment competing for the public’s leisure time and disposable income, such as family entertainment centers, concerts, theme parks and sporting events.


Our revenues have historically been seasonal, coinciding with the timing of releases of motion pictures by the major distributors. Generally, the most successful motion pictures have been released during summer months in the U.S., extending from May to July, and during the holiday season, extending from November through year-end. The timing of releases, however, has become less pronounced as distributors have begun releasing content more evenly throughout the year.  In our Latin American markets, while Hollywood content has similar release dates as in the U.S., the local holidays and seasons can vary. The unexpected emergence of a hit film during other periods can impact this seasonality trend. The timing and quality of film releases can have a significant impact on our results of operations, and the results of one period are not necessarily indicative of results for the following period or for the same period in the following year.

Corporate Operations

Our worldwide headquarters is located in Plano, Texas. Personnel at our corporate headquarters provide oversight and support for our domestic and international theatres, including our executive team and department heads in charge of film licensing, food and beverage, theatre operations, theatre construction and maintenance, real estate, human resources, marketing, legal, finance, accounting, tax, audit and information technology. Our U.S. operations are comprised of nineteen regions, each of which is headed by a region leader. We have nine regional offices in Latin America responsible for the local management of theatres in fifteen countries (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and Curacao are managed out of one Central American regional office). Each regional office is headed by a general manager with additional personnel responsible for film licensing, marketing, human resources, information technology, operations and finance. We have chief financial officers in Brazil and Argentina, which are our two largest international markets and a regional chief financial officer located in Chile that oversees Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay.