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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Satellite Delivery - International

Satellite delivery technology started to expand to certain Latin American markets in 2016.  Currently, a majority of our international theatres have the ability to receive live events via satellite, with many of these also able to receive film content via satellite. We expect all of our international theatres to have the ability to receive content via satellite by the middle of 2018.

Virtual Reality

We recently announced plans to collaborate on an in-theatre virtual reality technology that will provide our guests with a new entertainment experience.  The advanced technology takes guests on a real-life, full-body journey where they engage with characters and their environment through sight, sound, touch, smell and motion.  We plan to install this technology in at least one theatre during 2018 and are continuing to evaluate other locations at which we can offer our guests this advanced entertainment option.

Marketing and Promotions

We generally market our theatres and special events, including new theatre grand openings, remodel openings and VIP events, using Internet digital advertising, directory film schedules, and radio and television advertising spots. We exhibit previews of coming attractions and current films as part of our on-screen pre-feature program. We offer guests access to movie times, the ability to buy their tickets and reserve their seats in advance and purchase gift cards at our website and via our smart phone and tablet applications. Customers can subscribe to our weekly emails to receive information about current and upcoming films at their preferred Cinemark theatre(s), including details about upcoming Cinemark XD movies, advanced ticket sales, screenings, special events, concerts and live broadcasts; as well as contests, promotions, and coupons for concession savings. Email communications and push notifications are utilized to provide customers with the latest information or exclusive offers such as screenings, contests or promotions. We partner with film distributors on a regular basis to promote upcoming films through local, regional and national programs that are exclusive to our theatres. These programs may involve customer contests that include exclusive giveaways, cross-promotions with the media and other third parties and other means to impact patronage for films showing at our theatres.

We interact with guests every day on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to provide relevant information, quick access to advanced ticketing information and upcoming movies and events, as well as to respond to guest feedback. Guests can utilize social media to ask us questions regarding their local Cinemark theatre offerings, movie-related information or to provide suggestions.

We offer a domestic loyalty program to our guests, called Connections, which was launched in 2016. Connections allows our guests to earn points for different types of transactions and interactions as tracked through our Cinemark smart phone app.  Points can then be redeemed for various concession items and discounts, as well as unique and limited edition experiential rewards that relate to films currently playing at our theatres. We also offer a feature in our app, called CineMode, which dims the phone’s screen and rewards guests for silencing their phones during the movie. Guests are rewarded for use of CineMode with loyalty points as well as other exclusive digital rewards that can be used at a future visit to one of our theatres.  

We have loyalty programs in most of our international markets that either allow customers to pay a nominal fee for an annual membership card that provides them with certain admissions and concession discounts or that allows guests to earn loyalty points for each purchase. Similar to the Connections program, our points-based international programs offer discounts on concessions and movie tickets. Our global loyalty programs put us in direct contact with our guests and provides additional opportunities for us to enhance our relationships with the studios and our vendors through targeted promotions. 

Our domestic and international marketing departments also focus on expanding ancillary revenue, which includes the sale of our gift cards and our SuperSaver discount tickets. We generally market these programs to businesses as an employee-incentive or rewards program. Our marketing departments also coordinate the use of our auditoriums, generally during off-peak times, for corporate meetings, private movie screenings, brand and product launches, education and training sessions or other private events, which contribute to our ancillary revenue.