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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Theatre Design. Our theatres are designed to optimize the guest purchase experience at the concession stands, which includes multiple concession counters throughout a theatre to facilitate serving guests in an expedited manner. We strategically place large concession stands within theatres to heighten visibility, reduce the length of concession lines, and improve traffic flow around the concession stands. We incorporate self-serve candy cases and bottled drink coolers at our traditional crew-serve theatres to help provide convenience for our guests, drive purchase incidence and increase product availability for these two core categories. We also have self-service cafeteria-style concession areas in many of our domestic theatres, which allow customers to select their own refreshments and proceed to the cash register when they are ready. This design allows for more efficient service, and superior visibility of concession items. In some of our international locations, we allow guests to pre-order concession items, either online or at a kiosk, and pick them up in a dedicated line at the concession counter.  

Cost Control. We negotiate prices for concession supplies directly with concession vendors and manufacturers to obtain volume discounts and also negotiate volume-based and promotional-based rebates with our larger suppliers. Concession supplies are generally distributed through a distribution network. The concession distributor delivers inventory to the theatres after receiving orders directly from the theatres or through an online electronic ordering system.  We conduct frequent inventory counts of concession products at every theatre to ensure proper stock levels are maintained to appropriately serve our guests.

Pre-Feature Screen Advertising

In our domestic markets, our theatres are part of the in-theatre digital network operated by National CineMedia, LLC, or NCM. NCM provides advertising to our theatres through its branded “Noovie” pre-show entertainment program and also handles lobby promotions and displays for our theatres. We believe that the reach, scope and digital delivery capability of NCM’s network provides an effective platform for national, regional and local advertisers to reach our engaged audience. We receive a monthly theatre access fee for participation in the NCM network and also earn screen advertising revenue on a per patron basis. As of December 31, 2017, we had an approximate 18% ownership interest in NCM. See Note 5 to the consolidated financial statements for further discussion of our investment in NCM.

In our international markets, our wholly-owned subsidiary Flix Media Publicidade E Entretenimento, Ltda., or Flix Media, handles our screen advertising functions in Brazil. Our Flix Media marketing personnel work with local agencies and advertisers to coordinate screen advertising in our Brazil theatres. We have expanded the Flix Media advertising services to other exhibitors in Brazil through revenue share agreements. In Argentina, we have in-house personnel that work with local advertisers to arrange screen advertising in our Argentina theatres. We recently acquired advertising businesses in Chile, Central America and Colombia, which are being integrated with our Flix Media division. In addition to screen advertising in our theatres, we intend to expand Flix Media’s services to include, among other things, alternative content, digital media and other synergistic media opportunities. In some of our other international markets, we outsource our screen advertising to local companies who have established relationships with local advertisers that provide similar programming benefits. The terms of our international screen advertising contracts vary by country, however, we generally earn a percentage of the screen advertising revenues for access to our screens.

Technology Innovations

The motion picture exhibition industry has undertaken many technology initiatives over the past several years, as discussed below.

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition

Through the joint venture DCDC with Regal, AMC, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Universal Pictures, we began delivering digital content to domestic theatres via satellite during October 2013. As of December 31, 2017, 100% of our domestic auditoriums were capable of receiving content via satellite. Delivery of content via satellite reduces film transportation costs for both distributors and exhibitors by eliminating the costs to produce and ship hard drives. The satellite delivery system established by DCDC is available to all exhibitors and content providers and allows live and store-and-forward content to be delivered to our theatres.