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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/27/2015
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necessary: (a) Tenant must give Landlord written notice thereof at least two hundred ten (210) days prior to the date that such relocation must occur in order for Landlord to timely inform the cellular equipment owner of such relocation; (ii) Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for any and all costs and expenses that Landlord must pay to such cellular equipment owner in connection with such temporary or permanent relocation; and (iii) Tenant acknowledges and understands that such cellular equipment owner must keep the cellular equipment operational at all times, notwithstanding a relocation of such cellular equipment.

7. Effect of Amendment. This Amendment modifies and amends the Lease, and the terms and provisions hereof shall supersede and govern over any contrary or inconsistent terms and provisions set forth in the Lease. The Lease, as previously amended and as hereby further amended and modified, remains in full force and effect and is hereby ratified and confirmed. All future references in the Lease to the “Lease” shall mean and refer to the Lease, as amended and modified by this Amendment.

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