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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/27/2015
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We also have a significant amount of goodwill and tradename intangible assets. Declines in our stock price or market capitalization, declines in our attendance due to increased competition in certain regions and/or countries or economic factors that lead to a decline in attendance in any given region or country could result in impairments of goodwill and our intangible assets. As of December 31, 2014, the estimated fair values of goodwill and our tradename intangible assets exceeded their carrying values by at least 10%.

A credit market crisis may adversely affect our ability to raise capital and may materially impact our operations.

Severe dislocations and liquidity disruptions in the credit markets could materially impact our ability to obtain debt financing on reasonable terms or at all. The inability to access debt financing on reasonable terms could materially impact our ability to make acquisitions, invest in technology innovations or significantly expand our business in the future.

We may be subject to liability under environmental laws and regulations.

We own and operate a large number of theatres and other properties within the U.S. and internationally, which may be subject to various foreign, federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to the protection of the environment or human health. Such environmental laws and regulations include those that impose liability for the investigation and remediation of spills or releases of hazardous materials. We may incur such liability, including for any currently or formerly owned, leased or operated property, or for any site, to which we may have disposed, or arranged for the disposal of, hazardous materials or wastes. Certain of these laws and regulations may impose liability, including on a joint and several liability, which can result in a liable party being obliged to pay for greater than its share, regardless of fault or the legality of the original disposal. Environmental conditions relating to our properties or operations could have an adverse effect on our business and results of operations and cash flows.

Our ability to pay dividends may be limited or otherwise restricted.

Our ability to pay dividends is limited by our status as a holding company and the terms of our senior notes indentures, our senior subordinated notes indenture, and our amended senior secured credit facility, which restrict our ability to pay dividends and the ability of certain of our subsidiaries to pay dividends, directly or indirectly, to us. Under our debt instruments, we may pay a cash dividend up to a specified amount, provided we have satisfied certain financial covenants in, and are not in default under, our debt instruments. The declaration of future dividends on our common stock, par value $0.001 per share, or Common Stock, will be at the discretion of our board of directors and will depend upon many factors, including our results of operations, financial condition, earnings, capital requirements, limitations in our debt agreements and legal requirements.

Provisions in our corporate documents and certain agreements, as well as Delaware law, may hinder a change of control.

Provisions in our amended and restated certificate of incorporation and bylaws, as well as provisions of the Delaware General Corporation Law, could discourage unsolicited proposals to acquire us. These provisions include:



authorization of our board of directors to issue shares of preferred stock without stockholder approval;



a board of directors classified into three classes of directors with the directors of each class having staggered, three-year terms;



provisions regulating the ability of our stockholders to nominate directors for election or to bring matters for action at annual meetings of our stockholders; and



provisions of Delaware law that restrict many business combinations and provide that directors serving on classified boards of directors, such as ours, may be removed only for cause.