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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/27/2015
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We also have loyalty programs in some of our international markets that allow customers to pay a nominal fee for a membership card that provides them with certain admissions and concession discounts.

Our domestic and international marketing departments also focus on expanding ancillary revenue, which includes the sale of our gift cards and our SuperSaver discount tickets. We generally market these programs to businesses as an employee-incentive or rewards program. Our marketing departments also coordinate the use of our auditoriums, generally during off-peak times, for corporate meetings, private movie screenings, brand and product launches, education and training sessions or other private events, which contribute to our ancillary revenue.

Point of Sale Systems

We have developed our own proprietary point of sale system to enhance our ability to maximize revenues, control costs and efficiently manage operations. The system is currently installed in all of our U.S. theatres. The point of sale system provides corporate management with real-time admissions and concession revenues data and reports to allow for timely changes to movie schedules, including extending film runs, adding showtimes based on demand, or substituting films when gross receipts do not meet expectations. The system tracks concession sales by product, provides in-theatre inventory reports for efficient inventory management and control, offers numerous ticket pricing options, connects with digital concession signage for real-time pricing modifications, integrates Internet ticket sales and processes credit card transactions. Barcode scanners, pole displays, touch screens, credit card readers and other equipment are integrated with the system to enhance its functionality and facilitate print-at-home and mobile ticketing. In our international locations, we currently use point of sale systems that have been developed by third parties, which have been certified as compliant with applicable governmental regulations and offer generally the same capabilities as our proprietary point of sale system.


We are one of the leaders in the motion picture exhibition industry. We compete against local, regional, national and international exhibitors with respect to attracting patrons, licensing films and developing new theatre sites. Our primary U.S. competitors include Regal, AMC and Carmike Cinemas, Inc. and our primary international competitors, which vary by country, include Kinoplex (GSR), Cinépolis, Village Cines, Cine Colombia and Cinemundo.

We are the sole exhibitor in approximately 92% of the 300 film licensing zones in which our first run U.S. theatres operate. In competitive zones, the distributor allocates their movies generally based on demographics, the conditions, capacity and grossing potential of each theatre, and the terms of exhibition. In areas where we face direct competition, our success in attracting patrons depends on location, theatre capacity, quality of projection and sound equipment, film showtime availability, customer service quality, and ticket prices.

We compete for new theatre sites with other movie theatre exhibitors as well as other entertainment venues. Securing a potential site depends upon factors such as committed investment and resources, theatre design and capacity, revenue and patron potential, and financial stability.

We also face competition from a number of other motion picture exhibition delivery systems, such as digital downloads, DVDs, network and syndicated television, video on-demand, and pay-per-view television. We also face competition from other forms of entertainment competing for the public’s leisure time and disposable income, such as concerts, theme parks and sporting events.


Our revenues have historically been seasonal, coinciding with the timing of releases of motion pictures by the major distributors. Generally, the most successful motion pictures have been released during the summer,