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CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/27/2015
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continue to bring alternative events to our theatres, including the Metropolitan Opera, sports programs, concert events, gaming events and other special presentations, that may be live or pre-recorded. We, along with AC JV, LLC, will continue to identify new ways to utilize our theatre platform to provide entertainment to consumers.

In the domestic marketplace, our corporate film department negotiates with film distributors to license films for our domestic theatres. The film distributors are responsible for determining film release dates and film marketing campaigns and the related expenditures. We are responsible for booking the films in film licensing zones, which are either free film licensing zones or competitive film licensing zones. In free film licensing zones, movies can be booked without regard to the film bookings of other exhibitors within that area. In competitive film licensing zones, the distributor allocates its movies generally based on demographics, the conditions, capacity and grossing potential of each theatre, and the terms of exhibition. We are the sole exhibitor in 92% of the 300 film licensing zones in which our first run U.S. theatres operate.

In each of our international offices, our local film personnel negotiate with local offices of major film distributors as well as local film distributors to license films for our international theatres. In the international marketplace, films are not allocated based on film licensing zones, but played by competitive theatres simultaneously. Our theatre personnel focus on providing excellent customer service, and we provide a high-quality facility with the most up-to-date sound systems, comfortable seating and other amenities preferred by our patrons, which we believe gives us a competitive advantage in markets where competing theatres play the same films.

In both our domestic and international locations, we pay film rental fees based on a film’s box office receipts. Film rental rates are negotiated based on either a firm terms formula under which we pay a mutually agreed upon rate as determined prior to a film’s run; a sliding scale formula under which the rate is based on a standard rate matrix that is established prior to a film’s run; or a mutually agreed upon settlement under which the rate is negotiated after a film’s run.

Food and Beverage

Concession sales are our second largest revenue source, representing approximately 32% of total revenues. Concession sales have a much higher margin than admissions sales. We have devoted considerable management effort to increasing concession sales by expanding our offerings and adapting to our customers’ preferences, as discussed below.

Concession Product Mix. Concession products offered at all of our theatres include various sizes and types of popcorn, soft drinks, coffees, juice blends, candy and quickly-prepared or pre-prepared food, such as hot dogs, pizza, pretzel bites, nachos and ice cream. Different varieties and flavors of candy, snacks and drinks are offered at theatres based on preferences in that particular market. We have recently introduced some healthier snack and beverage options for our patrons, which are available at some locations.

Through our Cinemark Movie Bistro and Cinemark Reserve concepts, we have expanded our domestic concession product offerings to include more food and drink options, such as fresh wraps, hot sandwiches, burgers, and gourmet pizzas, and a selection of beers, wines, and frozen cocktails, all of which can be enjoyed in the comfort of the auditoriums. We also have lobby bars and VIP lounges in certain domestic theatres.

Our point of sale system allows us to monitor product sales and make changes to product mix when necessary, which also allows us to quickly take advantage of national as well as regional product launches and promotions.

Pricing. New products and promotions are introduced on a regular basis to increase concession purchases as well as to attract new buyers. We offer specially-priced product combinations at many of our theatres. We periodically offer discounts to our patrons on certain products by offering weekly coupons as well as reusable popcorn tubs and soft drink cups that can be refilled at a discounted price. In certain international locations, we offer loyalty discounts to frequent patrons.