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SEC Filings

CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/27/2015
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International Theatres





     65         516   


     28         144   


     19         168   


     16         113   

Central America(1)

     15         110   


     10         77   


     6         36   


     1         13   








     160         1,177   









Includes Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.

We first entered Latin America when we opened a movie theatre in Chile in 1993. Since then, through our focused international strategy, we have developed the most geographically diverse theatre circuit in the region. We have balanced our risk through a diversified international portfolio, which includes theatres in twelve of the fifteen largest metropolitan areas in South America. We have established significant presence in Brazil and Argentina, where we are the largest exhibitor, with 516 and 168 screens, respectively, as of December 31, 2014.

We believe that certain markets within Latin America continue to be underserved as penetration of movie screens per capita in these markets is substantially lower than in the U.S. and European markets. We intend to build and expand our presence in international markets, with emphasis on Latin America, and fund our expansion primarily with cash flow generated in those markets. We are able to mitigate cash flow exposure to currency fluctuations in the markets in which we operate by transacting in their respective local currencies. Our geographic diversity throughout Latin America has allowed us to maintain consistent local currency revenue growth, notwithstanding currency and economic fluctuations that may affect any particular market.

Content and Film Licensing

We offer a variety of content at our theatres. We monitor upcoming films and related events and work with film distributors to license the content that we believe will be most successful in our theatres. We play mainstream films from many different genres, such as animated films, family films, dramas, comedies, horror and action films. We offer content in both 2-D and 3-D formats in all of our first-run theatres, and in select locations, we also offer a 4-D format. The 4-D format features moving seats and added sensory features in addition to the ultra-realistic images of 3-D technology.

We also regularly play art and independent films at many of our U.S. theatres and offer local film product in our international markets, providing a variety of film choices to our patrons. Bringing art and independent films to our theatres allows us to benefit from the growth in the art and independent market driven by the increased interest in art, foreign and documentary films.

We have also established a Classic Series at a majority of our U.S. theatres and some of our international theatres, which involves playing digitally re-mastered classic movies that change on a weekly basis. The program covers many genres of classic films that are generally exhibited during non-peak times.

During December 2013, we formed a joint venture, named AC JV, LLC, with Regal Entertainment Group, or Regal, and AMC Entertainment, Inc., or AMC which then purchased the Fathom event business from National CineMedia, LLC. The Fathom event business generally focuses on the marketing and distribution of live and pre-recorded entertainment programming to movie theatres to augment theatres’ feature film schedules. AC JV, LLC will